Gnarly surfing spots, sunrises on the beach, adrenaline packed thrills, relaxing on the beach rejuvenating your body, going for the ultimate ride on a motorcycle, or flying through the air, Wollongong has things to do no matter what type of vacation floats your boat.  Located just 81 km south of Sydney with a population of just under 300,000 people Wollongong is Australias tenth largest city combining awesome outdoor activities, a fabulous art scene, and gorgeous geography just waiting to be discovered.


Surf’s Up!


Wollongong is known for having consistent surf and swells and there are beaches for surfers of all skill levels.  For beginners and families North Wollongong Beach and Wollongong City Beach are ideal.  For more experienced surfers grab your favorite board and head out to Scarborough Beach, Thommos break at Coledale, and Sandon Point.  Prime surf season is Autumn, however year round surf reports are available at swellnet.




Cruise the Australian coastline from a Harley Davidson.  Ride along the Grand Pacific Drive over the Sea Cliff Bridge, and go on through the Royal National Park.  Experience breathtaking scenery with the wind in your face with the ultimate feeling of riding free.  Choose from a Harley, sidecar, or trike and get out on the highway.  Create a custom tour or take one of the many suggestions for cruising in style.




Ever fancy yourself as the Red Barron?  Take to the skies with your very own stunt pilot creating the ultimate story for friends and family back home. Aerobatics include barrel rolls, stall turns, and turn up the G’s in heart stopping tailspin.  If you need to give your heart a rest a custom scenic tour can also be arranged.  Explore Sydney’s South Coast from the best vantage point around, get the 360 degree view that will leave you feeling on top of the world.  Southern Biplane Adventures is the only provider for custom stunt flights in Australia.  Get the ultimate rush.




Need to relax after getting your adrenaline all pumped up?  Take to the sea and watch dolphins dancing and playing in the water.  stop to snorkel on a gorgeous beach or just enjoy the view of Australia’s amazing sea cliffs in Jervis Bay.  Tours from 1.5 hours to all day adventures are available for small or large groups.  The cliffs over Jervis Bay are quickly becoming known as the Blue Mountains of the water.  See for yourself.


Walk among the tree tops

Connect with nature and allow it to awe your senses.  Walk among the tree tops 750 meters above the Australian coast and feel the connection.  Begin your journey in the dense rainforest and finish at the edge of Illawarra Escarpment giving your body and mind the ultimate natural high!  The steel elevated walkway is one of only a handful in the world allowing visitors to stroll through rainforest canopy.  This is a perfect adventure for all fitness levels and the walkways are accessible for wheelchairs and prams so the entire family can enjoy this unique experience.


Wollongong has a little something for everybody.  Activities range from free to hundreds of dollars and are highly customizable for the adventure seeker.  Live your dreams, conquer your fears, or relax on the beach.


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