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As Australia’s most populous province, Victoria offers a plethora of tours and attractions that are certain to give a very special touch to your travel experience. After all, lets not forget this is the pinnacle of Australia’s world-renowned tourism industry, and as expected, it doesn’t disappoint.

Thought most people will think of Melbourne as the main destination within the province, Victoria has a wealth of other spectacular places to visit along its famous great ocean road, a beautiful costal stretch that travels for 243 Kilometers between the cities of Torquay and Allansford. We will try to collect some of the best examples in this article; so do read on if you are looking for an insight into this wonderful city in Aussie land. In case you have no ideas where to even begin when sorting your transportation around the province, you can always explore the option of hiring charter coach services from Bendigo travel, who have a lot of experience in arranging these services around Victoria and its

Visit a National Park:

About 36 per cent of Victoria is covered by forest, it doesn’t come as a surprise then that it posses some stunning National Parks at the disposition of curious travellers.

Melva Gully State Park:

Located in the Otway Ranges near Apollo Bay and known as the jewel of the region, this protected rainforest offers a unique insight into the diversity of life that thrives in this area. A survivor of many bush fires, the Melva Gully is beloved by locals and visitors alike, it offers some of the best picnic locations in the whole state and has the Madsens Track Nature Walk, a very popular attraction for many trek addicts and nature enthusiasts. Lodging is in some ways limited but a quick search online will suggest many charming little guesthouses visitors can stay.

If the beautiful Melva Gully proves to be too small for your taste, don’t forget it is but a small park of the Great Otway national park which has an abundance of waterfalls and trekking paths travelling through more diverse ecosystems including sandy beaches, rouged coastlines, roc platforms and tranquil lakes.

The 12 apostles:

Though not technically a national park, this natural rock formation has gain a lot of popularity with local and international visitors alike. What set these limestone formations apart is the proximity to one another, visitor will be able to appreciate the gigantic structures in all their might for a perfect photo opportunity. Though 12 in name, only 8 remain after one of the stacks fell due to erosion in 2012. Many visitors now come to the site in hope of seeing one of these giants collapse under the pressure of time and the harsh seas.

These rock formations still stand as on of the provinces main landmarks and do deserve to be seen, even if only on the passing!

Don’t forget Victoria is wine country:

victoria province wine country tours

Thats right! Victoria enjoys one of the most prolific wine producing areas in the world, and though these ones are not located along the great ocean road, they are certainly worth your time visiting! The Yarra Valley, morrington peninsula, the macedón ranges and bellarine peninsula all offer their slight character and flavors, visitor are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to wine tours in victoria.

I have found this great wine map  which covers all the main destinations within Australia, keep in mind each area will produce different types of wines as well as possessing different ‘wine cultures’ which makes your trip all the more interesting!

I could describe to you the main wine tours the state offers, but given it is a multibillion-dollar industry (don’t forget Victoria is the largest producer within a country that produces a lot of wine) they do have amazing resources. I’ll suggest, just like I did, for you to check the official resource page which offers all the answers you might be looking for.

Some great free attractions in Victoria:

Well as we all know Australia can get slightly heavy on your wallet, but worry not! Here are some awesome free attraction s that are bound to remind you how the best things in life (sometimes) do not come with a Price tag.

Visit the Botanical gardens:

Containing more tan 12,000 plant species, these gardens offer an amazing insight into the diversity of flora found in Australia, compromising both local and foreign species, these gardens are the perfect free attraction for a lazy day.

Wonder at the natural beauty while you stride through beautifully designed paths in this landscaping work of art.

Go to the Queen Victoria Market:

Located in Melbourne, this is the oldest market in the country. For 2 centuries it has provided the perfect place for generations of Australians to socialize and trade, still to this day is one of the most colorful and lively places you can ever hope to visit while in Aussie land.

Do not miss the opportunity to appreciate how the locals go on their normal everyday life, this setting also offers the perfect place for photographers looking for a charming and unique sight of the Australian way of life.

If these weren’t enough don’t forget we have created another list with the best free attractions in Australia for those looking for a great experience at an even greater price.

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