Things To Do In Western Australia Maritime Museum

Things To Do In Western Australia Maritime Museum


From handcrafted sailing boats, yonder year shipwrecks, leisure crafts, commercial pearl ships to modern racing yachts, the maritime museum motivate visitors to find out things about Western Australia affinity with the ocean. Through the displayed array of sea going vessels, you will learn fascinating stories about naval and overseas trade missions when you visit museum. Here are some of the things to do or see when you visit this truly amazing maritime museum in Australia.

Check out the Fremantle Harbour exhibit

Here you will learn more about the state’s enormous shipping industry. And because the museum is set on the location where thousands of English immigrants first set foot in Australia, you also will learn about the Australia’s “10-pound Poms.” Explore what is referred to as the Indian Ocean Collection. These in simple terms are replica tools and boats that can help you to understand the tribes that have sailed over the Australian waters for thousands of years. You will also learn about their sailing techniques, their development, how they interacted with each other and their trading practices.

Explore the cargo gallery

After satisfying your curiosity about the Freemantle Harbour exhibit and what it is all about, it is now time to move on to the cargoes gallery. Here you will learn more about the immense agricultural and mineral exports that boost the state’s economy.

Make your way to the Naval Defence gallery

Here you will see all sorts of sea mines, different artefacts and torpedoes from Australia’s maritime conflict. While here, admire and tour the HMAS Ovens, an Oberon class submarine.

Note that the museum and cafe is open daily, with exception of all major public holidays. There is a set basic admission charge however, but on every second Tuesday of the month, you can get in with a voluntary donation.

View the Hooked on Fishing exhibit

Here you will be amazed by the different fish traps of the Aboriginal people, the indigenous community that was first to settle in Australia. Apart from this, learn about Fremantle’s South European fishing community. While at it, make your way over to Swan River galleries to see and admire some of the first Australian ships to have navigated the rivers turquoise waters.

Getting to and around

If you need transport services when visiting Western Australia Maritime Museum, minibus or coach hire is highly recommended, especially if you are travelling in a group. When using a coach or minibus, you will get to your destination safely and affordably!

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