Things To Do In The Swan River

Things To Do In The Swan River


Swan River today maintain a central role in the consciousness of Western Australians in that its capital city lies on its banks with many rich residents opting to reside near it. The rest of Australians and tourists alike from all over the globe converge here or around it to enjoy many hours on its refreshing waters or in the many gardens and parks along its banks.

Here are some enjoyable things to do in Swan River and in the regions around it.

Walking and cycling along the river

Perth the capital city of Western Australia and which the river meanders through is blessed with many beautiful walking and cycling paths. With most of the cycle and walking paths meandering through fabulous parklands and native bushes, you will enjoy some of the most scenic views, amazing flora and fauna in Western Australia. If lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of some of the dolphins that live in the river. That said, many of the said paths are dual purpose, meaning that both the cyclists and walkers have to be extra vigilant so as not to get into each other’s way.

Take a memorable cruise on the river

There are a number of companies that offer great river cruises that can be settled for. The cruises offered range from those that last a whole day to short trips that last for a few hours. Because there are several cruise companies competing for clients, by carefully doing your homework, you can get a great cruising deal to perfectly satisfy your budget.

Captain Cook, Barrack Street Jetty, Golden Sun and Based at Pier 3 cruises operate a number of luxurious vessels that offer a comprehensive choice of magnificent cruises to please all types of budgets and people.

Go for parasailing

You will need to wear a harness that is attaches your body to the parasail, a specially designed canopy that looks like a parachute.  The parasail is then attached to a speed through a long cable. When the boat drives off, you go up in the air for a fun filled ride up. Best of all, you can parasail lone or tandem with a group of friends for added fun.

Go windsurfing

This is a great way to enjoy the wide expansiveness of lower Swan River. If you do not have an own surfboard or sailboard, then rent one from one of the best known service provider, 2nd Wind Sailboards.

Get into the ferry and have fun

Get into the regular ferry that operate between Barrack Square and Mends Street Jetty and spend some time relaxing at any of the many world class cafes and restaurants in South Perth.

Getting around and to Swan River

If you want to get to the Swan River on a group travel, use a minibus or coach service as it is a cheaper and easier way for you to have a more customized and flexible tour around the region. We can arrange transport for groups of any size to Swan River region, please call or send us an email for more information.

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