Things To Do In The Rocks

Things To Do In The Rocks


The Rocks is a historical and tourist precinct in Sydney’s city centre. This area, which is administered by the local government borders on the Bradfield Highway, and is located on the Sydney Harbour. A little bit of history about the area is that it was established in 1788 shortly after the colony’s formation.

Interestingly, most of the original buildings within the region and the neighbouring areas were mostly made of the sandstones, hence the reason for the name. However, this area has a lot to offer to the people living in Sydney, as well as the visitors, hence the reason for the large number of visitors it receives yearly.

Dine at Yoshii Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants in the Rocks. Mostly serving Japanese food, the Yoshii restaurant is a favourite spot for all those people who cannot do without the tantalizing Japanese dishes. Moreover, the fine dining menu is served exclusively by Japanese wait staff.

Get a good read at Ariel Booksellers

When bookstores are becoming rare, the Ariel Booksellers delivers any book to you may need. If you were a book lover, then your visit to the Rocks would be incomplete without a stop at the magnificent bookstore that has a lot to offer. From old classics to the newest arrivals in town, this store will feed your desire for any book that you require instantly.

Find goodies at Margo Richards Antiques

The Margo Richards is one of the stalwarts that continue to trade in the area. The reason behind the stalwarts being big and still continued operation is the ability to provide rare, unusual antique jewellery. If you are looking for jewellery of any sought, this is the perfect shopping destination.

Get a gift at the MCA Stores

When you are looking for a gift in the Rocks, you are provided with an excellent variety to select from – thanks to the MCA Stores. From bags, accessories and unique goods, these stores will never disappoint. Here, there is a wide variety of objects to select from, be it, art, visual culture, or architecture. Hence, whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or simply want to pamper yourself, you definitely have MCA.

Getting to and around The Rocks

The area is well supplied with an excellent road connection and travelling around the region is smooth and time saving too. Due to the various interesting sites situated around this area, it is recommended to acquire bus hire services, especially if you intend to travel with your family.

We offer transport for groups of any size to and around The Rocks, feel free to call or send us an email for more information.

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