Things To Do In Tasmania

Things To Do In Tasmania


From bushwalking and cycling to rafting and kayaking, Tasmania has only recently become appreciated as a top Australian destination. Occupying the 26th place in the list of the world’s largest islands, Tasmania is home to the most amazing animals, including the famous Tasmanian Wolf. If you’re planning to travel to Australia anytime soon, then don’t forget to check out this mysterious island and its top attractions.

Port Arthur Historic site

If you’re avid to learn more about Australian history, then the Port Arthur Historic Site is the right place to be. Even though booking tickets in advance is a must, visitors are in for a treat. From the lantern-lit Historic Ghost Tour to the gallery where you can follow the convict’s journey from England to Tasmania, you will not regret visiting this amazing historic site. Don’t forget to visit the Point Puer Boys’ Prison and the recently renovated Old Asylum and the Model Prison.

MONA – The Museum of Old & New Art

Often called the adult version of Disneyland, MONA opened its doors to visitors in January 2011. Despite its short history, the Museum of Old & New Art attracts tens of thousands of visitors every month. In fact, the unique characteristics of the location, the impressive architecture of the building and fascinating exhibits made MONA one of the first stop spots for anyone who visits the island. In fact, its eccentric and intriguing exhibitions appeal even to those who are not diehard art fans.

The South West Wilderness

Covering almost 20% of the island, the South West Wilderness is by far the largest protected reservation in Tasmania. It has been recently designated among the World Heritage Areas and hence, it is not accessible by road. The park is the best place to be for anyone looking to forget all about the daily problems and the busy metropolitan lifestyle. Rumours have it that due to its remoteness, the South West Wilderness can be the optimal location to catch a glimpse of the famous Tasmanian Wolf, the largest carnivore marsupial of the modern times.

Getting to and around Tasmania

If you’re considering Tasmania among your holidays destination, then you should know that travelling by car is the way to go. Although you can bring your own car from the mainland with the ferryboat, the truth is that renting is usually more affordable. Take note that with a rental car, you can avoid a lot of hassle with public transportation, especially since the bus network services are infrequent during the weekend.

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