Things To Do In Sydney

Things To Do In Sydney


The biggest cosmopolitan Australian city, Sydney is often believed to be the capital of the country. Nowadays home to over 4.7 million inhabitants, Sydney is in fact the site of the first British colony ever established on the island. Established in 1788 by Captain Arthur Phillip, Sydney has a rich history and is a mandatory stop in any traveller’s itinerary. Let’s explore some of the things you can see and do in this magnificent city.

Getting to and around Sydney

Irrespective of whether you prefer the bus, tram, train or boat, take note that you have several public transportation options at your disposal while in Sydney. Nevertheless, if you want to make the most of your stay, be sure to get to your destination in time and visit this great metropolis in style, then you should consider renting a car, if you are travelling as a group then consider hiring a coach.

The Sydney Opera House

Opened in 1973, the Opera House is not only the most famous landmark in Sydney, but it’s also considered one of the most popular icons in Australia. Featuring six auditoriums, the Opera House is famous for its incredible acoustics. Well, irrespective of whether your want to see a dance show, an operetta, a concert or a play while in Sydney, remember to book your ticket in advance. The vast majority of the events – estimated at around 2,400 per year – sell out relatively quickly. While it’s true that there might be some partial-view tickets left for certain events, you don’t want to take any chances.

The Circular Quay

The initial landing point of the First Fleet and originally used for shipping, the Circular Quay has developed into an impressive transport, leisure and recreational centre. Located between the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour, the site is a focal point for community celebrations. In fact, the Quay has been the preferred spot for celebrating the New Year’s Eve since 1996.

Sydney Harbour National Park

If you’re more of an outdoors person, then one of the places you can’t miss out on is the Sydney Harbour National Park. Home to one of Australia’s largest bushland, the park features incredible foreshore areas, relaxing swimming spots, fascinating tracks and perfect picnic areas. Although the Harbour National Park is the best spot to encounter wildlife, it’s also a great place to explore the Aboriginal history. Speaking of history, in the national park you can also check out military fortifications and convict built facilities dating from the British colonization period.

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