Things To Do In Sydney Opera House

Things To Do In Sydney Opera House


Without a doubt, Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous architectural landmarks in the world. If you are in love with your art then this is one of the places which you would definitely want to tour. Holding a sitting capacity of around 5738 people and casting around 15 000 performances per year while receiving a whopping 1.2 million visitors per every 365 days, touring this Australian landmark is an experience to enjoy!

Attending an event

To have an awesome time while visiting this renowned art centre, be early for your show, which usually starts at the time indicated in the ticket. Throughout the entire show, it is important to have your ticket always with you as you may be required to produce it at any time for inspection. Generally, children under the age of 2 years are not required to purchase a ticket; however, they are not allocated a seat and must sit on the lap of a guardian or parent the entire show.

Shopping in Sydney Opera House

From Souvenirs, inspired gifts to performance related products; there is everything just to suit your taste and preferences, all of them designed and selected to celebrate Sydney Opera House as the magnificent art centre and architectural masterpiece that it is. The stores are open every single day, and all the proceeds from the sales support the theatres. Moreover, corporate orders are welcome too and mail orders are sent out on request.

Dine and drink

Although eating on the performance spaces is prohibited, the many restaurants and bars are friendly enough to fit your budget and taste too. Moreover, drinks and beverages may be reorder before a performance for an express delivery. The theatres offer a wide range of onsite dining options, and the food is served to professionalism, pure perfection, and class.

Sydney Opera HouseGetting to and around Opera Sydney House

Moreover, a tour around option is available and is offered in a variety of languages from French to German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean. Whether you enjoy watching the birds or being around animals in a zoo, the options are many. If you want a sneak pick on what happens behind the scenes, you are not limited. This multi-award winning theatre has just enough for anyone. Since most of the shows start at the exact time as indicated on the ticket, to have ample time viewing the magnificent structure you should make sure you arrive at the theatre before the show kicks off, this includes hiring a bus especially if it is group travel.

However, we can arrange transport for groups of any size to Sydney Opera House, please call or send us an email for more information.

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