Things To Do In Stockton

Things To Do In Stockton


If you ever find yourself in Newcastle, it is advised that you take time to tour the suburb of Stockton. There are so many fun activities that you can do there and many tourists have found themselves loving the charms of this location. Here are some activities you can engage in:

Take a swim at Stockton Beach

One of the most fun activities to do at Newcastle is swimming. The Stockton Beach is a perfect spot for that activity. This place is an awesome site for families and groups of friends since it has picnic shelters, barbeque spots, change rooms, and even a tourist park. Stockton Beach is visited by so many tourists as well as locals especially on weekends.

Take a picture at the Stockton Mural

Also an ideal thing to do when in Stockton is to take a picture at the Stockton Mural. This mural tells a lot about the history of the Stockton. Have your photo taken in front of this mural and your photo will serve as a good souvenir – something to remind you of your tour in Newcastle.

Fish from Stockton Bridge

Do you love throwing the line and feeling fish pull on your bait? If you love to fish, you would enjoy fishing at Stockton Bridge. You can fish from boat sides of the beach, or, if you have a boat you can fish in deeper water. Prepare to meet a lot of fellow fishers, though. Aside from the Stockton Bridge, another nice place for you to fish would be the Stockton Breakwall.

Visit the wreck of the Adolphe

In 1904, a sailing ship ran aground the mouth of the Hunter River. It is the Adolphe. The ship was a four-masted steel barque which was just two years old before it was wrecked. Now, it is a very popular tourist spot. The Adolphe wreck can be seen at the Stockton Breakwall.

Learn how to surf

Surfing is an extreme water sport that is a lot easier to do than it looks. The best place in Newcastle where you can learn about surfing is no other than Stockton Beach. Surfing lessons are offered there. Do not worry if you do not have surfing stuff with you. Surfing equipments can be rented there at inexpensive prices.

Stroll at Stockton Walk

Another fun activity for you to do is to take a stroll at Stockton Walk. It is a family-friendly and very historic place perfect for those who simply want to chill out or hang out. The walk follows Hunter River and is a popular destination for joggers, cyclists, and mothers with their kids.

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