Things To Do In Southbank Melbourne

Things To Do In Southbank Melbourne


Southbank is located one kilometre to the south of central Melbourne and is easily accessed through many different routes by road. Though it was an industrial area some time back, it is a residential area at present with many office buildings as well as high rise apartment buildings. Since public transport may be crowded, most often hiring your own coach or bus is often the best thing to do.There are many activities to engage in when you are there. Some of them are listed below:

Visit Crown casino and enjoy Calatrava Gelati

Crown casino complex is one of the many entertainment venues in Southbank. Calatrava café is located in its food court. Children love to visit this place because of its friendly ambience. Once you visit, you will hear the gleefully chuckling children enjoying their ice creams there. These colourful ice creams tempt not only the kids but also adults!

Visit Southbank Theatre

Located at the heart of Southbank, this theatre is a must visit place. In case there is a show, you must never miss an opportunity to watch it. If there is no scheduled show, having a drink in the script Bar and Bistro and taking a tasty meal is the best way to spend an evening.

Have dinner in the oldest building in Melbourne

Mitre Tavern is the oldest building in Melbourne where special events take place several nights in a week. It also serves delicious food and offers a historical environment with its Gregorian architecture. The menu offers you dishes that come in a range of prices to enable you to choose the right one for you.

Watch a movie in Directors suite at HOYTS cinema

This is going to be a luxurious experience while you enjoy watching a favourite movie of yours. You can sit on a reclining seat and order your food and drink to be served there. Your personal waiter could be called to your seat by pressing a button. Even if you have to go to the bathroom, you will not miss your movie as the washrooms there are equipped with a state of the art sound system!

Getting to and around Southbank

There are a number of routes to reach Southbank, if you plan to travel by road. In case you come along the West Gate free way, you have a few exits to enter roads leading to Southbank. Therefore, if you travel by coach or bus you will have no difficulty in arriving at this beautiful location.

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