Things To Do In RBG Melbourne

Things To Do In RBG Melbourne


Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne is located close to the centre of the city on Yarra River’s south bank. It covers the area of almost 38 hectares and is home to some 10,000 species of plants. There are exotic plants as well as native plants of Australia in this world famous botanical garden. You cannot only enjoy seeing rare species of plants, there are many other activities which you can do. Royal Botanical Gardens of Melbourne is open from 9.00am to 5.00pm during the week days and from 9.30am to 5.00pm during the weekend.

View different collections of plants

In the garden you will find that various types of plants are grown separately in order to help you study them as groups. Cacti Garden, Camellia Collection, Fern Gully, Oak Lawn, New Zealand Collection and Southern China Collection are some of them. You can visit all these collections of plants and learn about them.

Visit traditional gardens that carry non native plants

Rose Garden, Herb Garden, Fern Gully and Bulbs are places to enjoy studying exotic plants. These are only available in botanical gardens. Therefore, it is important to visit them in case you love plant life.

Walk through various lawns

This botanical garden has various lawns that are grown with tough types of grass. They are well maintained and attractive. You have the option to walk through them. At the same time, you can gather information on the types of grass grown on them. Once you visit the place, you will surely enjoy your trip.

Jog on the Tan Track

There is a jogging track, also called the Tan, located along the perimeter of the garden. Its length is 3.84 km and is paved with stone. People who visit this place always prefer to take part in jogging on this track. The environment is highly peaceful and you will certainly enjoy. A few race competitions are also held every year where people from all over the world participate. Currently, the record stands at 10 minutes and 12 seconds at the moment.

Getting to and around RBG

You can easily reach Royal Botanical Gardens on foot, as it is only 15 minutes walk away from railway station of Flinders Street. There is also the possibility to take a tram from there. However, the best way to visit the place is to hire a minibus, especially if you are visiting with a group.


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