Things To Do In Newcastle

Things To Do In Newcastle


Those who want to experience something completely new and exciting during their vacation in Australia shouldn’t miss out Newcastle from their itinerary. This large city features so many attractions that will keep every tourist entertained day and night. Especially if you are visiting Newcastle with your family members, think about hiring a people mover or a bus with driver and explore the city.

Have a picnic at the King Edward Park

The King Edward Park is actually one of the best picnic locations from New South Wales. This park is decorated in Victorian style and it stretches over a vast portion of land. Tourists should come here especially if they want to relax, spend some quality time with their loved ones, enjoy amazing natural landscapes, breathe fresh air and get rid of stress.

Visit the Lake Macquarie

Another excellent point of interest for those who visit Newcastle is the beautiful Lake Macquarie. Again, this place is perfect for spending a quiet and relaxing afternoon with the family members and friends while watching a sunset or having a picnic. Additionally, those tourists who want to be more physically active during their vacation might want to sail on this beautiful lake, fish or walk around in order to admire the wildlife animals as well.

Eat well on Darby Street

Tourists who want to sample a wide variety of tasty meals and dishes shouldn’t miss out the Darby Street in Newcastle. Here they can discover a multitude of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and eating places where delicious foods from multiple international cuisines are served. Additionally, the Darby Street is rich in boutiques, shops and outlets as well and they are perfect for Newcastle visitors that are looking to buy presents for their loved ones back home.

koalaMeet the cute koalas at the Blackbutt Reserve

Kids will be particularly delighted by a close encounter with a lovely koala. This experience is entirely possible at the Blackbutt Reserve, situated about 6 kilometres from the Central Business District. Here tourists can also feed emu birds, get very close to koalas and pat them on their backs, capture pictures of kangaroos of different sizes and have a wonderful time in the middle of various types of wildlife animals.

Newcastle is a great place to explore and just a two hour drive from Sydney, so it’s easy to get there and back within a day.

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