Things To Do In Mornington Peninsula

Things To Do In Mornington Peninsula


This Australian peninsula is usually visited by tourists from all over the world, mainly because of the attractions it offers and also because of the stunning natural landscapes that can be seen here. Golf lovers should visit the Parklands for an entertaining golf course and those who want to swim and take advantage of the sun rays should visit the beaches on Port Phillip. Additionally, the Mornington Peninsula also features interesting parks and gardens which should be visited by tourists.

Visit the Australian Royal Botanic Garden

This place should be visited with family members as it provides tons of fun and entertainment for everyone. There is no entrance fee, so the mesmerizing gardens can be admired by all tourists at any moment of the day. The walkways are also flat and wheelchair-friendly and there is even a playground for children as well. When tourists get tired and hungry, they can take advantage of the nearby kiosks for a quick snack.

Visit the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

Tourists who want to see a lot of interesting and cute animals should visit this conservation park. Here they can say hello to koalas, get acquainted with kangaroos of different sizes, meet wombats, dingoes and a plethora of multicoloured birds. Also, those visitors who come here during the evening will enjoy a customized guided tour at the light of lanterns. If you are lucky enough, you even get the chance to pet and feed a kangaroo which might hug you in return.

Visit the Enchanted Maze Garden

This amazing place is situated just 1 hour from Melbourne and it features 20 themed gardens, an indoor 3D maze, hedge mazes, an outdoor sculpture park and much more. Kids, in particular, will be delighted to spend their day here as this award-winning touristic attraction provides a lot of entertainment options for them. The gardens also provide an excellent opportunity to capture mesmerizing photos and tourists are advised to wear comfortable shoes if they plan to spend a lot of time at the Enchanted Maze Garden.

Getting to and around Mornington Peninsula

This peninsula stretches over a huge portion of land and the attractions presented above are just a few ones which can be found here. If tourists want to take full advantage of the Mornington Peninsula, they should hire a coach for their personal transportation needs. Local companies can put a lot of coaches at your disposal for an affordable price and they can take you to your preferred destination safely and comfortably.

We can arrange transport for groups of any size to Mornington Peninsula, please call or send us an email for more information.

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