Things To Do In Merewether Ocean Baths

Things To Do In Merewether Ocean Baths


If you ever find yourself looking for something fun to do while in Newcastle, New South Wales, consider packing up your backs and visit Merewether Ocean Baths. These ocean baths are among the most popular destinations in all of New South Wales. They are also the largest ocean baths anyone can find in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. Do take note though that the Council has decided to close the Baths for most of 2014. The baths have to be aesthetically improved and its pumping and pipe work has to be maintained. Prepare to engage in the following activities by the end of 2014!

Learn how to swim

The ocean baths are perfect spots to swim at. So ready your swimsuits and try learning different swim strokes such as freestyle, butterfly, and breast stroke. Remember to do stretching exercises before getting into the water to avoid muscle injury. Do at least five to ten minutes of stretching exercises. Make sure you also drink a sports drink especially if you are planning to do a lot of swimming.

Let your kids enjoy the water

If you have some kids or even some nephews or nieces, you might want to consider bringing them to the Merewether Ocean Baths. The Baths consist of a large, shallow pool that is suitable for kids with their floaties and water toys. Exposing your kids to the water at a young age is a very practical idea especially if you think that they can be good swimmers when they grow up.

Have a picnic

Enjoying the water is not just the activity one can do at the baths. There are picnic tables as well as sheltered spots around the area. So even if you do not plan to get into the water, you can always have a picnic with your family or friends. A lot of people go to the baths area for just a nice picnic time. Some of the most popular beach foods include fried chicken, fries, and hotdogs.

Hang out at The Steps

Another nice activity for you to consider is to hang out at what is known as The Steps of Knowledge. It is also around the Merewether Ocean Baths Area. The Steps are where people hang out to discuss all sorts of stuff. Hang out at The Steps and strike up a conversation with somebody. If not, you can simply hang out and enjoy the view.

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