Things To Do In Melbourne

Things To Do In Melbourne


Tourists who visit Melbourne will never experience a dull moment in this amazing Australian city as there are plenty of attractions and points of interest to visit. If you are in Melbourne for the first time, make sure that you check out the following touristic attractions and your vacation will definitely be awesome!

Visit the Eureka Skydeck

One of the most popular attractions in Melbourne, the Eureka Skydeck is actually a large building from which tourists can admire panoramic views of the city. Additionally, those who want to experience something completely unique and thrilling might want to step into the glass box situated at the top of the building which allows visitors to see Melbourne from a considerable height through the glass walls. Also, both day and night tickets are available, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise, sunset or the night stars, depending on their preferences.

Enjoy a trip with a hot air balloon

In a similar fashion, tourists who want to see Melbourne from a considerable height might also want to hop into a hot air balloon for an exciting trip around the city. Tours depart early in the morning when there is no wind and during the trip, Melbourne visitors get the chance to see the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Flemington Raceway, Albert Park Racetrack and so on. This experience is best lived in the company of the family members or friends.

Visit the award winning Melbourne Aquarium

Another excellent touristic attraction that should be visited with the family is the Melbourne Aquarium. There are numerous species of aquatic animals that can be admired here such as funny little Arctic penguins, fearsome sharks and so on. Actually, those tourists who are very courageous might want to get a little closer to those aquatic predators by joining the “shark dive xtreme” tour which allows them to come face-to-face with the sharks. This is a safe and posibilty life-changing experience.

Visit the Melbourne Zoo

After a visit at the aquarium, a visit to the zoo can also be enjoyable, especially if tourists bring their kids with them. The Melbourne Zoo allows visitors to see gorillas, elephants, lions, reptiles, colourful birds and many other interesting species of animals.

Getting to and around Melbourne

Luckily, tourists who are worried about traffic jams and parking spots can take advantage of professional bus hire services in Melbourne in order to get to the aforementioned points of interest in a safe and comfortable manner.

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