Things To Do In Manly Beach

Things To Do In Manly Beach


Manly is a popular Australian tourist destination surrounded by the harbour on three ends, as wells as the ocean. It rests peacefully as an important peninsula with stunning, breath-taking views. It is an important gateway to the beautiful Northern beaches of Sydney, by offering a variety of unique activities and attractions for all people.

Manly is alive with long sandy beaches, screeching seagulls, inlets, 18 small coves and swaying Norfolk Pines. Furthermore, music, flip-flops, festivals, fish & chips, boats, yachts, lifeguards, divers and anglers characterise this ideal seaside location.  Manly has become a popular beach and international destination for tourists.

Enjoy family fun on the beach

The Manly Beach is the perfect destination for the whole family. It is one of the most treasured destinations of Sydney. It has important beach side attractions & activities, parks & playgrounds and nature walks. Like most of the other northern beaches, Manly Beach is a great family destination that offers quality time with kids. Some of the kids’ attractions include sandy beaches, walking on the rocks, bike riding, playgrounds, rock pools, Manly Waterworks, Manly SEA Life Sanctuary, bush walks, ice creams, fish & chips, picnics and paddleboats.

Shop at Manly markets

Shopping at Manly is fun, which explains why the beach is crowded most weekends with people eager to explore what Manly Beach has to offer. The markets are located among a variety of cafes and shops. The markets opened weekly or monthly, offer a wide range of Australian designed arts and crafts, including jewellery, accessories, and home wares. In addition, you will discover fresh food, trendy fashion, delightful gifts, free entertainment, classic furniture and much more.

Try the ocean swimming pools

Manly Beach ocean swimming pools offer the perfect alternative to Surfing. Rock pools offer lots of benefits and freedom to toddlers, lap swimmers or people who want to relax.  Many of the ocean pools are available for hire for swimming by clubs, sporting clubs, surf clubs, schools and other associations.

Go snorkelling 

The whole coastline, from Manly to Palm Beach has gentle swells, which offer the perfect environment for snorkelling. There are more than 500 species, including sea dragons, seahorses, cuttlefish, octopus, pygmy leatherjackets, blue swimmer crabs, Port Jackson sharks, blue groper, starfish and more. Therefore, a snorkelling tour will introduce you to a variety of marine species, learn about the endangered species and learn the benefits of Aquatic Reserves.

Getting to and around Manly Beach

Manly Beach is an idyllic family destination because there is a lot to see and do. To get you to Manly Beach and its environs, using a minibus or coach hire service is highly recommended for family or group travels.

We can arrange transport for groups of any size to Manly Beach, please call or send us an email for more information.

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