Things To Do In Kooragang Wetlands

Things To Do In Kooragang Wetlands


The Kooragang Wetlands is a great place to visit if you are looking for something fun to do in Newcastle. Newcastle might be a very busy metropolitan area, but within it can be found a little world, a paradise, right in the midst of the Hunter River. Here are some of the fun things you can do at the Kooragang Wetlands:

Go bird-watching

The Kooragang Wetlands, which is 1590 hectares in size, is home to a variety of animals. That is why if you really love these creatures, then you would like to visit the wetlands. Birds are among the most prominent animals in the wetlands and there are about 180 species of birds there. That is why bird-watching is definitely a good idea. Remember to bring with you a pair of good binoculars.

Catch some fish

Do you like to fish? Well, the Kooragang Wetlands area is also the home to a lot of fish. There are about twenty-four species of fish in the area and most of them can definitely be a good catch. Bring a good fishing rod and several good baits for the fish you want to catch. Some of the known fish in the area include sea mullets, tailors, ludericks, flatheads, breams, and gobbies.

Enjoy its historical sites

Scattered all over the wetlands are several historic sites. These are hints or traces that reveal a lot about the past of the place. For example, there is the Milham’s farmhouse which will tell you about the grain industry within the area that existed a long time ago. There is also the schoolmaster’s house which is a hint that a sizeable community once thrived in the area.

Enjoy a nice walk

Walking can also be a nice activity to do within the area. Now, since the Kooragang Wetlands is being preserved, there are some rules that tourists are expected to follow. For one, it is very practical to keep to roads and designated walking tracks. Second, and a very important one, you should never leave any trace of rubbish behind. Respect the environment. Also, you should not camp or light up a camp fire.

Ride your bike 

The Kooragang Wetlands also has a bike trail for cycling enthusiasts. If you love to go biking, then you can use your wheels to explore this wonderful paradise. Would not it be nice to roll through the nature paths as you enjoy the fresh breeze and the nice scent of nature? Again, the rules on exploring still apply as have been mentioned above.

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