Things To Do In John Forrest National Park

Things To Do In John Forrest National Park


When spring arrives in Australia, it is the time to pack our hiking boots, hat and water bottle and head to one of the most scenic national parks surrounding Perth city.  The park is located just twenty four kilometres from the city’s central business district. It is the oldest and most beautiful park in Western Australia, and probably the most well known.

The park covers approximately 1500 hectares of natural land and was originally established as a conservation reserve in 1898. It however was officially named John Forrest National Park in 1947, in honour of the former premier and colonial explorer of Western Australia, Sir John Forrest.  Here are some things to do while touring John Forrest National Park.

Take a walk in any of the many trails around the park

For avid bushwalker and nature enthusiasts, John Forrest National Park offers a lot of delightful nature options that range from satisfying but strenuous extended hikes around the park to short rambles around picnic grounds. For families with young kids and elderly members that are wheelchair bound, the level 450 metre trail that leads around the Rocky Pool, which is a beautiful man-made pool that is situated amidst lovely native gardens in the main picnic area, is recommended.

Cycle along the available walking and cycling trails

There are a number of well maintained trails that cyclists can also enjoy. The best time to cycle around here is in fall and during the springtime. In these seasons, the bush land is carpeted with a rich tapestry of native wildflowers. An enjoyable cycling and hiking trail that is suitable for both the adults and kids is the Railway Heritage Walking Trail, which extends a number of kilometres along the long-suspended Eastern Railway route to Northam.

The trail starts at Rocky pool going along Jane Brook and passes through the gorgeous National Park Falls and Hovea Falls and finally along the historic Swan View railway tunnel that was constructed in 1895.For ease of walking and cycling, be sure to wear the right attire, for example, complete cycling attire, sturdy footwear and water proof garments, especially when walking along the rivers banks.

Take your camera and take snaps of native birds and animals

If like me you love taking photos of animals and birds in their natural habitant, John Forrest National Park is a sure bet for you.  In this park, western grey kangaroos are regularly spotted in the morning and late afternoon, particularly around the picnic sites.

Getting to and around John Forrest National Park

For an easier time getting around John Forrest National Park, you need to consider hiring a coach or a minibus to take care of all your transport requirements. We can arrange transport for groups of any size to John Forrest National Park, please call or send us an email for more information.

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