Things To Do In Guildford

Things To Do In Guildford

Guildford is where history lives on in all of the many old-fashioned colonial buildings dotting the streets and the suburbs. It is also where the influence of English gentry is openly played out on the polo fields. Not only this, it is also the only place in Western Australia where Devonshire tea is served with a shameless disregard for cholesterol levels. If however you want to learn more about this old fashioned town, though with modern touches here and there, simply put on your best walking shoes and explore most of its old style mesmeric charm.

Set out on a self guided heritage walk trail

There are so many old style colonial buildings from the town’s earliest days you will want to explore. These very well kept buildings continue to grace the streets today making it possible for visitors to learn much about the fascinating history of Western Australia. The walk trial begins from Swan Valley Visitor Centre, where Guildford original courthouse (constructed around 1866) can be viewed. The interpretive displays along the way explain much about the region’s past.

Indulge in second-hand ware shopping

Ensure to visit James Street and antique strip, a place that offer one of the greatest varieties of second-hand ware outside Perth. If this isn’t your preference where shopping is concerned, then why not visit the any of the many quaint home decor outlets that specialize in gift items such as chic clothing, furniture and so forth. While here, don’t forget to visit the garden centres and galleries to get other shopping items of importance.

Eat out

With a number of eateries and different dining experiences to opt for, there is always something for all. So why not soak up the village atmosphere and visit any of the many pubs, restaurants and cafes around Guildford? Ranging from iconic Alfred’s Kitchen and historic pubs, an ice creamery to eateries that offer Italian, Thai, contemporary Australian, tapas and Vietnamese cuisines, you can always get a place to satisfy your gastronomic interests.

Join the locals at the annual Guildford heritage festival

This is quite an interesting annual festival that celebrates the rich history of Guildford and is held in autumn. Best of all, the festival is free to join for all, locals and tourists alike.

Getting to and around Guildford

The above list of things to do in Guildford is not all inclusive as there are many more activities you can take part in while visiting Western Australia. Of course, there is a lot more that you can do in addition to the above, including indulging in the nightlife there. For an easier time getting around Guildford, use a bus or coach to take care of all your transport needs. This is affordable and helps you enjoy a comfortable ride on the go.

We can arrange transport for groups of any size to Guildford, please call or send us an email for more information.

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