Things To Do In Brisbane

Things To Do In Brisbane


Brisbane is visited yearly by thousands of tourists who are eager to discover new things and take advantage of the unique attractions offered by this wonderful Australian city. Basically, whether you want to attend live sport events, eat well, discover new and interesting things in museums and cultural places, be amazed by exhibitions and displays or visit zoos and aquariums, Brisbane is the perfect place for you. Here is a small list of things that Brisbane tourists shouldn’t miss out on.

Visit the Lone Pine Sanctuary

Tourists who visit Brisbane with their kids should pay a visit to the Lone Pine Sanctuary where a wide variety of wildlife animals can be admired. Here visitors get the chance to cuddle with a lovely koala, see numerous Australian birds of different colours and sizes, say hello to lazy kangaroos and so on. Additionally, those who are very brave can even hold a snake in their arms.

Visit the XXXX Brewery

Beer lovers should visit the famous XXXX Brewery, a place where a huge amount of beer is produced daily. Visitors can actually join a XXXX Brewery tour and see various places of the brewery where the ingredients are mixed by professionals in order to produce the XXXX Beer. Yes, tasting is possible too and the whole experience will definitely be a memorable, especially for those who are curious how their favourite golden beverage is produced.

Visit the Botanic Gardens

On the other hand, outdoor lovers should stop by at the Botanic Gardens in order to recharge their batteries and enjoy the lovely weather and surroundings. The Botanic Gardens are situated in the heart of Brisbane and they stretch over a huge portion of land. As a result, tourists can enjoy long walks while capturing photos of the stunning natural landscapes and when they are tired, they can also find a nice spot for a picnic as well. Additionally, free guided tours are available for those who want to learn more about the history of the Gardens and what makes them so special in Brisbane.

Getting to and around Brisbane

This exquisite Australian city offers tons of attractions that should be sampled by every tourist as much as possible. Therefore, if you come here in the upcoming weeks, you are strongly encouraged to arrange professional transport in order to get to all the points of interest and touristic attractions you want to visit in Brisbane. You can hire a 12 or 16 seat minibus with a driver for just a few hundred dollars and have all the comfort and luxury of being chauffeur driven. Or you could hire a car and drive yourself but this is more complex as Brisbane can be a difficult place to navigate around. There is also the option of using public transport, there are free inner city buses which run every 10 minutes. If you’re going to be in Brisbane for a while then you could opt for a ‘Go Card‘ which allows you to travel seamlessly around the area via TransLink trains, buses and ferries.


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