Things To Do In Beaumont Street

Things To Do In Beaumont Street


If you happen to be in Newcastle, one of the best places you can chill out and spend some time on is Beaumont Street. Beaumont Street is very great place to visit in the very populous state of Newcastle. Here are some of the things you can do there:

Eat Mediterranean dishes

Beaumont Street has a number of Mediterranean restaurants where you can always dine in in case you find your stomach grumbling. Mediterranean restaurants in Beaumont offer dishes from various cuisines such as Albanian cuisine, Italian cuisine, Spanish cuisine, and Greek cuisine to name a few. You would definitely enjoy filling up your tummies with Mediterranean dishes.

Purchase an antique

Beaumont Street passes through the Islington district, which is also known as the antique district. Developed as a residential district in the 1870’s, it has become a popular destination for antique collectors, antique lovers, or simply those who want to get a piece of Newcastle antiquity. Try your skills at haggling here!

Have a party

If you have come to Newcastle with a lot of friends or family then you might want to consider having a party at The Kent. The Kent is one of the best party places in Newcastle. It has a lot of function rooms and some of these even have bars, pool tables, and open balconies. Consider booking early if you want to have a party at The Kent because a lot of people hold functions there.

Drink coffee

In order to tour Beaumont Street and even the rest of Newcastle, you would need a lot of energy. Coffee is one of the best energy drinks you can get and you can get it from any of the sidewalk cafes at Beaumont Street. Some coffee drinkers at those cafes are chatty, so it would not be a bad thing if you have a good conversation with them.

Go to church

Feeling a little spiritual lately? Consider going to the Uniting Church in Australia. With one of its branches being located at Beaumont Street, it is a church uniting congregations of the Methodist Church of Australia, the Presbyterian Church of Australia, and the Congregational Union of Australia. It is a very unique type of Australian church that is worthy of a visit.

These are just some of the things that you can do at Beaumont Street. Beaumont Street is just one of the numerous tourist spots at Newcastle. So do consider touring the area, with a hired minibus service!

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