Things To Do In Alexander Clark Park

Things To Do In Alexander Clark Park


If you are visiting Brisbane as a tourist, the huge variety of things you can do and see can sometimes be mind boggling. For this reason, you should try to find out more about some of the attractions you are interested in in advance, so that you can then plan your trip more effectively. For instance, if you wanted to visit Alexander Clark Park, it would be wise to know that some of the activities you can take part in include:

Go fishingGo fishing

The park has a pool from which you can easily fish. There are pontoons that make it easier for you to do this, and you can rent the rest of the equipment you need with ease. This is likely to be one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever have, since the environment is very serene and green. The pool and park are also extremely clean as well.

Take a walk through the park

If you need to do something more active, you can take a walk through the park as well. There are a number of paths through it that make this possible. All of them are very gentle, which means that you can even go for a walk with young kids if you have them. In addition to taking in all the greenery, you also get a chance to see some animals such as some birds, koalas and possums.

Play a few games or work out

There is a lot of space that you can use to play games such as throwing hoops. The park also gives one access to a children’s playground as well as fitness equipment if you are interested in burning off some calories. All of the equipment is well maintained and the children’s playground is safe, so these are not issues that should deter you from taking advantage of them.

picnicHost a picnic

You can also decide to host a picnic or barbeque party on the grounds as well. This makes it the perfect place to host events such as birthdays and other similar parties. Well, the fact that the area is pristine and very quiet means that hosting a party here is likely to be a lot of fun for all who are involved.

In summary, the Alexander Clark Park has a lot to offer to anyone who is interested in having a nice time in a natural environment. All the amenities you might need including toilet facilities and shaded areas are available to ensure that you can enjoy a great day at this attraction site.

We can arrange transport for groups of any size to Alexander Clark Park, please call or send us an email for more information.

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