Things To Do Along The Great Ocean Road

Things To Do Along The Great Ocean Road


Famous for its beaches and surfing, the Great Ocean Road is a 243 kilometres coastal road that offers its visitors a plethora of activities and experiences. If you happen to be among the lucky people to drive along this magnificent road, then it’s mandatory to roll down your windows and breathe in the unique aromas of bush, beach and saltwater. Let’s explore the top attractions you can find along the spectacular Great Ocean Road and find out what you can do there.

The 12 Apostles

Once a part of mainland Australia, the 12 Apostles are gigantic limestone formations that are now sticking out of the Southern Ocean. Formed around 20 million years ago, these lonely rocks got the shape they have today due to the sea’s gradual erosion. Although they are known as the 12 Apostles, a few of the rock formations toppled into the sea (the last one in 2005), bringing the number down to 8. Visitors will be happy to learn that the stones feature boardwalks around the tops and hence, the cliff can be escalated.

The Cape Otway Lighthouse

Built in 1849, the Cape Otway lighthouse is the oldest surviving lightstation on mainland Australia. Perched on the cliffs where the Southern Ocean and the Bass Strait collide, the lighthouse used to be one of the first things sailors would see after departing from the European shores. Cape Otway Lighthouse also has a sad, yet fascinating history. It is said that before the lightstation existed, hundreds of lives were lost in shipwrecks in this region. Needless to say that you’re bound to hear numerous ghost stories during your visit to this site!

The Bells Beach

Situated close to the capital Torquay on the Southern Coast, the Bells Beach is perhaps one of the most important locations in surfing folklore. Visitors who want to check out the Great Ocean Road around Easter will be able to take part in the world surfing championship held here annually. Regardless of whether you want to test your limits and ride a wave or want to see the world’s pros in action, surfing enthusiasts can’t afford to miss the Bells Beach.

Getting to and around the Great Ocean Road

Considering that there are so many things to see and do along the Great Ocean Road, it would be wise to hire a car for this purpose. A rental car will not only ensure your maximum comfort, but it will also allow you to make frequent stops in order to take a picture of the curious and brave koalas and vistas on the road.

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