The 9 Most Popular Cities In Australia

Australia boasts some of the most attractive and most frequently visited cities in the world. The country welcomes thousands of visitors from around the world due to its numerous attractions. Australia has plenty to offer, from the beautiful beaches to great architecture and interesting fauna and flora. The dining and shopping opportunities are just as exciting as the vibrant nightlife and visitors to the different cities have many interesting things to see. Following are some of the most interesting and popular cities that you should consider visiting next time you come to Australia:


Brisbane with its population of approximately 2 million is the capital of Queensland. The city is the third largest in Australia and the warm climate all year round makes it the perfect holiday destination. Brisbane offers spectacular scenery and the locals are very pleasant, which has helped to attract many regional and international visitors to the city. In fact, Brisbane is Australia’s fastest-growing city. If you are considering investing in property here it would be advisable to contact a buyers agent for help researching the market.


Located on the south-eastern coast of Australia is Sydney, the largest city in the country. This is where you will find the beautiful and world famous Bondi Beach. There are many attractions that you can enjoy in the city whether you are travelling alone, with family or in a large group. Your visit will not be complete without a ferry ride that will allow you to get the best view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and the unique Sydney Opera House. While in Sydney, make sure that you visit the Botanic Gardens where you can relax, take pictures and enjoy the sight of hundreds of different plants and flowers.


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and it is the country’s fifth largest city. The city has a population of more than 1.2 million, with most South Australians living in Adelaide’s metropolitan area. The beautiful City of Churches is ranked by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 cities to visit and it is located on a plain. It lies between the Gulf St Vincent and the rolling Adelaide Hills and it borders many of the country’s famous wine regions. History buffs will be glad to know that the city has retained much of the historical architecture, revealing a throwback to the colonial era.


Darwin is the only tropical capital city in Australia and it gazes out into the Timor Sea. Darwin is actually closer to Bali than to Bondi beach and many people will agree that the city has a lot to offer to travellers from the rich indigenous art to the best of nature. Located on the Northern Territory’s coastline, Darwin has long been recognized as one of the Country’s most international city. The close proximity to different countries located along the Indian Ocean has made Darwin a transportation hub. The city was devastated during WW II, but its resilience has seen it grow into a popular holiday destination.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a city situated right in the heart or centre of the country far from other Australian cities. A visit to Alice Springs will be worth your while as you enjoy the interesting wildlife reserves and unwind in the numerous pubs dotting the city. About 200 miles south-west is the largest rock in the world, Uluru. This rock is a sight to behold and it is estimated to be about 600 million years old. Alice Springs is made up of boundless desert landscapes, cavernous gorges, a great pioneering history and remote Aboriginal communities. The city is recognised for the hardy outback and is a hub for hikes and sights of different locations making up the Red Centre.


Hobart is Australia’s second oldest city coming after the much larger Sydney. The city is the capital of Tasmania, the beautiful Australian island and it has a population of approximately 250,000. Hobart is a small city compared to the mainland Australian cities and it reflects the state’s small size. The city offers a fine blend of scenery, heritage and culture with the different attractions and world-class activities.  The combination of heritage charm and modern lifestyle makes Hobart a place that is worth visiting. You can enjoy fine Georgian and Victorian architecture as well as the rugged mountains and picturesque waterways. There is something for everyone including those who enjoy fine dining.


Another great city in Australia that is also popular as a vacation destination is Cairns. Many tourists flock to this Northwest city that boasts beautiful island resorts, wildlife diversity and other attractions. Here you get the opportunity to see plenty of seals, turtles, dolphins as well as the colourful reefs. If you love adventure, you can take the time to snorkel among the coral to admire the beautiful clown fishes. Cairns’ proximity to the Great Barrier Reef as well as the easy-going ambiance and tropical climate make this the perfect vacation destination. Cairns is a pretty city with a population of about 150,000 people and it is both provincial and stylish.


If you are looking for plenty of cultural heritage, Melbourne is the perfect place to visit. Whether you are visiting with friends or family, there is something for you in Melbourne. The city has many museums and they include a science museum, a racing museum, a Jewish museum and a railway museum among others. The city hosts Australia’s Open tennis tournament and there are many tourists who will agree that you will find the best tasting coffee in the world right here. Melbourne features a wide range of restaurants, pubs, cosy bars and coffee shops where locals and tourists can relax and enjoy drinks and sample the local cuisine after walking around town.


You can find plenty of tourist attractions in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Here, you can visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Western Australian Museum. If you are visiting with kids, a trip to the Perth Zoo should be on your itinerary. To enjoy Perth’s nightlife, go out for tapas and wine in Andaluz or enjoy retro cocktails at Hula Bula. Perth is located on the south-western coastline of Australia and it is the fourth largest city in the country. Perth has a unique quality and while it has been around for thousands of years, it has a very fun-loving and youthful atmosphere.

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