The 5 Most Popular Cities In Australia

In Australia, you can find some of the most attractive and most visited cities in the world. This country attracts a lot of visitors because it features a plethora of beautiful beaches, it has interesting fauna and flora, it features a vibrant nightlife and there are so many points of interest to see. Here are five of the most popular and interesting cities you should visit next time when you come to Australia.


Sydney is located on Australia’ south-eastern coast and it is the largest city in this country. Here you can find the Bondi Beach, one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world. If you are visiting with your family members, you might want to take a ferry ride and travel underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the famous Sydney Opera House.

In a similar fashion, while you are in Sydney you might want to visit the Botanic Gardens if you want to relax and get rid of stress. Here you can find hundreds of types of flowers and plants to admire and you can take as much pictures as you want.

Alice Springs

This city is situated in the centre of Australia and it is quite far from other towns. However, it is worth to pay Alice Springs a visit as here you can find a lot of pubs and interesting wildlife reserves. Additionally, approximately 200 miles south-west from Australia you will find Uluru which is the largest rock on Earth. This rock is almost 600 million years old and it is quite a sight to admire, especially at dusk and sunrise.


Another impressive city in Australia is Cairns and this is a popular vacation destination for many tourists. This is so because Cairns allows you to stay in beautiful island resorts and you get the chance to see a multitude of turtles, seals, dolphins and colourful reefs. If you are really adventurous, you can also snorkel among the coral in order to see beautiful clown fishes.


In Melbourne, you will find a lot of cultural heritage and it is perfect for you whether you are visiting with your family members or friends. Here you will find a plethora of museums including a science museum, a Jewish museum, a racing museum and even a railway museum. This city hosts the Australia Open tennis tournament and tourists say that here you will find the most delicious coffee in the world. In addition, Melbourne features a multitude of interesting and cosy bars, pubs, coffee shops and restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine and relax after a long and tiring walk around town.


The last one in our list is Perth and here you can also find a lot of tourist attractions here. For example, you can visit the Western Australian Museum, the Art Gallery of Western Australia or if you are visiting with your kids, the Perth Zoo. If you want to sample Perth’s nightlife, you should go for some tapas and wine in Andaluz, a popular restaurant, or you can visit Hula Bula, a chic pub where you can try your hands at retro cocktails.

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