Tasmania Australia’s only island state.

The only island state in Australia, Tasmania, is the largest island in the country as well as the 26th largest island in the world. Do you know that one-third of this island is heritage protected or made up of national parks and reserves? That’s why its natural seascapes and landscapes are preserved so well. Rugged rock climbing, the oldest golf course outside of Scotland, wineries, military jet flights over the ocean, breweries for whiskey, gin, and vodka, monster surf, and cooking schools using fresh organic produce grown on site. There is literally something for everyone in Tasmania!

Rock Climbing

So you have played around scaling walls in the indoor rock climbing arenas in the city. How about the real thing? Scale the world famous Totem Pole, or climb on boulders overlooking the Australian surf. Tours for beginners to advanced level are available and classes to up your skill level can be booked online. If you love outdoor adventure, rock climbing will provide the ultimate thrill.

Surf’s Up!

One of the biggest surf breaks in the world is found in Tasmania. Surf some of the biggest breaks in the world. Shipsterns Bluff is a right reef break off the southern coast. Also known as Devil’s Point, this monster wave is known to produce waves the size found at Pipeline and Teahupoo. To get to this majestic wave you will need to hike through an hour of protected wilderness. Experienced surfers only!

Top Gun

For the ultimate flying thrill, take to the skies with a real Top Gun fighter pilot. You can choose one of three planes to go on the ride of a lifetime. Missions include top gun flights, warbird flights, and formation missions. Choose a tour from the website or customize your own.  When you book the flying adventure, you can be sure that the sky is the limit.

Enjoy Golf

Golf lovers from around the world will enjoy visiting the oldest golf course outside of Scotland. Ratho Farm has a history going back over 190 years and anyone with a passion for golf should play a round at this historic course. Accommodation is available and it consists of several convict cottages and colonial farm buildings that have been fully restored. They are equipped with modern conveniences while still retaining the old world charm and original finishes. This creates a lovely fusion of old and new.

Helicopter Ride

One of the most exciting and unique ways to tour the wilderness, water and wine country is through a helicopter ride. Visitors can enjoy the perfect tours that allow them to visit several locations in one day. You can travel from the waterfalls to the winery in your helicopter tour and the best part is that you get a scenic view of the entire island. Get a good look at nature and even catch a glimpse of exotic animals that are unique to Australia, such as the Tasmanian devil and the duckbill platypus.


All the adventure and the great outdoors may leave you feeling a bit parched. There is no better way to end the day than with the lovely spirits available in Tasmania. For spirits that are made right here on the island check out McHenry Distillery where you can find whiskey, Gin, and Vodka, all brewed on site. Remember to get a chauffeur or to select a designated driver if you plan to drive to the location. Drinking and driving is never a good idea even while on vacation!


Tasmania has 200 vineyards producing less than 1% of Australia’s wine. However, of the wine produced, 25% of it makes up Australia’s grade A wines. Quality over quantity could not be illustrated any clearer than statistics like this! The cool climate, long autumn days and mild summers are ideal for wine growing and making. The weather in Tasmania is much like that of famous wine making regions of Europe. The island offers an impressive range of quality and elegant wines. Enjoy sparkling wines and pinot noir in this cooler wine growing region.


Tasmania is recognised as having some of the best organic produce in the world. With open farms and untainted soil, the fruits and vegetables going from farm to table in this region are amazing. This has drawn some master chefs to open up restaurants and cooking schools, teaching students the wonders of farm to table cooking. Start your cooking class by picking fresh fruit and vegetables on site. Also, check out this article in the Wall Street Journal detailing several schools on Tasmania with the foodie in mind.

Art Lover

MONA - The Museum of Old & New Art continues to attract art lovers from different parts of the world. The museum’s unique location and exhibits continue to delight visitors each month and it has become a place worth visiting. There is a good reason why this is the single most visited attraction in all Tasmania. MONA has encouraged thousands of people to visit the exotic island and fortunately, there are numerous other attractions in Hobart to meet the expectations of all the visitors.

Hobart Yachts

Tasmania’s rich maritime history is a good reason to visit the region. There are several ways to enjoy being on the water. Whether you are looking for a quick ferry ride or a jaunt in a seaplane, you can get to your location fast and conveniently. You can also opt to enjoy the experience of overnight sailing in a yacht that has won in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, earning a coveted place in sailing history. While aboard the 61 feet of luxury, you can expect great food and wine as well as exceptional hosting. Custom cruises are available to different exotic locations where you can travel in comfort and style.

Port Arthur Historic Site

For all history buffs out there, a visit to the Port Arthur Historic Site is worth making. The old penal facility is brought alive through stories of convict hardships. The stories are told by guides who escort visitors across the expansive lawns and through the ruins. This location is a shrine of remembrance and the Great Shame of the past has been replaced by great national pride for the country’s survival.

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