Seek Adventure? Then Australia Should Be Your Next Destination!

Are you a thrill seeker? There are many places in the world that you can visit but if you want the best adventures, Australia should be at the top of your list. To experience the best action and intense thrills, the country has a lot to offer. Whether you want to enjoy surfing or you have skydiving on your bucket list, you should visit Australia. Following are some of the most exciting and most thrilling activities that you can try when you are in Australia.

Go camping at Cockatoo Island

If you love camping, make your trip even more interesting by visiting a famous Australian island. Years ago, convicts were held at the small island that is situated at Sydney Harbour. The island has now become a tourist attraction and many people looking for some adventure choose to camp and picnic at the location. You and your friends or family can take the short ferry trip to the Cockatoo Island where you can explore the surroundings while also enjoying great views of the Harbour Bridge.

Jump out of a plane

If you want to take your thrill seeking to great heights, skydiving is a very popular activity that you will enjoy. Many people love to take part in this activity while in Australia. Skydiving takes place in a safe and controlled environment and it can be a lot of fun for anyone. You can enjoy the fact that you will still be in one intact piece when you get to the ground! There are skydiving professionals that will give you the opportunity to experience jumping from a plane while it is at high altitude. This will be a huge adrenaline boost that you will never forget. Remember to ask for video footage of the jump when you get to the ground.

Awesome flying experiences

Stunts and jumps are all good but if you prefer to remain in the plane, you can still get good adventures. You can enjoy spectacular views from the plane allowing you to experience the thrill of your lifetime. There are different locations around the country where you can get the flying adventures. Whether you choose to take to the skies in Warbirds or Biplanes, you can enjoy awesome flying experiences. For the ultimate buzz, you can learn to fly a biplane or if you prefer to learn more about jet fighter planes, you can visit the Classic Jets Fighter Museum to get the feel of a real jet fighter.

Learn all about surfing

Many people will agree that surfing is one of the most thrilling activities out there and there is no better place to get the ultimate surfing experience than Australia. Surfing is a great way to get rid of stress and tension and if you are new to the sport there are many places where you can learn all about surfing. There are locations in Australia where you can take part in a surf camp where you can spend up to 4 days. The professionals will teach you all you need to know about standing on a surfboard and you can learn interesting details about the sport’s history and learn how to identify different surfing boards.

Swimming with the dolphins

If you love dolphins, you can get the opportunity to swim with them when you visit Australia. Dolphins are at the top of the list when it comes to the most intelligent animals in the world. You can enjoy swimming with the beautiful creatures and in some places, you can join a guided tour that will allow you to swim with up to 20 dolphins at the same time. You can watch the dolphins swimming in formation and even more thrilling, communicating among themselves using sonar-like sounds. This is certainly an activity that the entire family will enjoy.

Diving with the sharks

If swimming with dolphins is too tame for you, jump right in and join great white sharks for a thrilling experience. This may not be for the faint-hearted but if you are looking for the ultimate in thrills, this is the stuff for you! Get the experience of a lifetime by diving into a cage that will bring you face to face with the fearsome sharks. If you have always wanted to be close to the fiercest and amazing creatures on the planet, you have the chance to do so when you visit Australia.

Searching for UFOs

If you love UFOs, a visit to Wycliffe Well is essential. This is a famous location in Australia where many believe that UFOs visit on a regular basis. As part of your thrill seeking, plan to visit the location and stay up all night so that you can see an unidentified flying object. You can even talk to some locals to hear more about their experiences with UFOs. Even though you do not get an UFO sighting, you will still enjoy the magnificent landscapes all around you. A trip to the site is definitely worth your while and you will get an experience that you will never forget!

Tour on two wheels

To get the most of the different sights of the countryside, think about cycling. You can ride through vineyards, mountains, the coastline and other great sights. The tours are made even better by the feeling of the wind blowing in your hair. To get the most from the tours, you need some mountain bike experience. The bike tours in different regions are tailored to ensure that you see the best of the location that you choose. You will certainly see more than if you choose to walk. If you love motorcycles, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you ride on a Harley Davidson.

Go freestyle

If you want to enjoy as many adventures as possible, you have many options to choose from. You can go off-road with four-wheel drive adventures, try jetboating or barefoot waterskiing or get your own tour guide who will push you to your adventure limit. Whether you are serious or you love to have some fun, there is something to suit your style. You can also experience rock climbing and abseiling that will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views from vantage hilltop locations.

As you should realise by now, Australia has no lack of adventurous activities to fulfil your thrill seeking needs. Calling all daredevils, travel to Australia today!


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