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If you are looking for a top attraction in Sydney, Australia, It’s a wise bet to visit Sea Life Aquarium. Considered to be one of Australia’s best attractions, the aquarium is constantly crowded with visitors and tourists from all around the world. With six sanctuaries and fifty aquariums, Sea Life Aquarium cares for over 180,000 creatures whilst providing fascinating themed habitats.

At Sea Life Aquarium, you can expect to discover the wonders of freshwater landscapes, marvel at the display of the immortal jellyfish, enjoy breathtaking and colourful display of underwater reefs and witness amazing sharks gliding overhead. Here is the essential information you should know before heading over to the amazing attraction:

Historical Facts about Sea Life Aquarium

  • Opened in 1988, Sydney Aquarium is one of largest aquariums one can find in the world
  • The aquarium opened its first Seal Sanctuary in December 1991
  • The Great Barrier Reef complex was opened in October 1998, and was comprised of a live coral cave, a tropical touch pool, two circular gateway displays, coral atoll and its colossal Great Barrier Reef oceanarium
  • In September 2003, the aquarium opened a new oceanrium to accommodate more seals and upgraded its facilities
  • Wild Life Sydney was opened in 2006 and its owner is Merlin Entertainment
  • In 2007, the Shark Explorer (a glass-bottomed boat) began its operations
  • The aquarium added a crocodile exhibit in 2008
  • In 2012, the aquarium was rebranded as a Sea Life Centre, and was called Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Operating Hours & Admission Information

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is an amazing attraction that can be visited at any time of the year. The visitor attraction is opened 365 days a year and is located on Darling Harbour, in the heart of Sydney. It opens from 930am and closes at 7pm daily. Although they do accept late admissions, the latest cut-off timing is at 6pm daily. Do be advised that their queue lines can be quite long during peak periods like school holidays.

How to Get to Sea Life Aquarium

The aquarium is located on Darling Harbour’s city side. As it is also located in the heart of Sydney, arriving at this attraction is extremely convenient and easy. First and foremost, you can come by Sydney Ferries and the ferries depart from Circular Quay Wharf 5 every half an hour. If you choose to walk, it is only a five to ten minute walk from the Central Business District down King Street or Market Street. You can also opt to travel via train services, and it is only a short walk from Wynyard or Town Hall stations. Taking a taxi can also be ideal; just ask to be dropped at Wheat Road or King Street Wharf on Lime Street. If you’re coming from further afield or have a larger group you could hire a minibus to take your from door to door.

Top Things to Do at Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium is home to many incredible animals and is able to showcase the magical mystery worlds of Australia’s oceans. Here are some of the top things to do here:

  • Rocky Shores

The beautiful exhibit is surrounded by the blue sky and sea views. You will discover some of the most amazing animals that call such habitats home, and you will get to see animals such as the Moon Jellyfish, Wobbegongs and Flashlight Fish.

  • Mangrove Swamps

This new area mimics the dark, atmospheric feel of Australia’s mangrove swamps in the tropical north. The area is home to a vast variety of fish, crustaceans, lizards and frogs. Furthermore, the environment here is subjected to both tropical dry and wet seasons. This provides a habitat that change regularly for a diverse group of unique animals.

  • South Coast Shipwreck

If you have never explored a shipwreck area before, this is your chance to do so! Venture into an adventure which allows you to discover a variety of interesting inhabitants of the deep and shallow. They include octopuses, pineapple fishes and little penguins too!

  • Sydney Harbour

Are you curious to know what animals are native to one of the world’s most iconic harbours? Head down to stilted piers and platform decks of the aquarium’s harbour exhibit! You can snorkel or dive in this beautiful harbour while taking in the sights of many amazing fishes and invertebrates.

  • Bay of Rays

If you want to visit a place that houses colourful combinations of Australian rays, the all-new Bay of Rays area at the aquarium is where you should be. You can easily spot the electric blue spots of the Blue-spotted Maskray and Fantail Rays, as well as other cool species such as the White-Spotted Guitarfish.

If you are looking for an experience unlike another, Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium is a great place that you should be visiting soon. From behind-the-scenes tours to an all-day experience as a marine biologist, the aquarium provides their visitors with pleasant and unforgettable experiences!

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