Money Saving Tips For Travelling In Australia

Certain holidays can sometimes be an expensive experience for some travellers. But it does not mean that the fate of your holiday experience is entirely up to luck, there are resources out there and I will tell you some of them. There are many simple ‘hacks’ you can use to reduce your main expenses, one of the quickest and easiest way to do so is to change your phone carrier as soon as your arrive. A great service that was suggested by one of my Aussie friends is Telemates who offer reliable and affordable 4G network country-wide. Please trust me on this one, you never want to fall victim to international roaming costs, they can be vicious!                               It is understandable that you have the urge to visit all of Australia’s popular attractions on your first visit, but you got to have a fat wallet to do so. Would like to know money saving tips to tour Australia, read on and find out!

Fish out your trusty credit card

Before you leave home, make sure you keep a credit card in your wallet that is the best one for overseas usage. When you swipe your card overseas, your card issuer usually charges a currency exchange fee to your purchase. For example, you bought something that costs $50 AUD, $53 AUD is actually charged to your account as a hidden fee (does not reflect on your credit bills). Hence, apply for a card that fee-free in your desired travel destination.

Get the best exchange rates

exchange currency in Australia                             Every cent counts if you are on a budget. A general rule is not to buy or change your money at an airport. Sometimes, there may be poor exchange rates and not forgetting commission charges. You may want to order your Australian dollars through independent money exchange companies. You can try out Best Foreign Exchange for starters. Don’t forget to check on any mandatory delivery charges. Compare and weigh your options well to make the best out of your current situation.

Sometimes taking public transport is a better choice

Commute just like the locals and you may save yourself more money during your trips. Unless, you have the spending power to hire a private car for the entire duration of your holiday, you might incur heavy costs instead. Although, the daily expenses set aside on car rentals may not seem so significant, you might experience a slight regret as you felt you could save a little more. But of course, a holiday is still a holiday, be glad that you enjoyed it and don’t beat yourself down because of bad decisions. Check out the best places to visit in Sunshine Coast!

Never draw cash using your debit or credit unnecessarily

This is a killer, trust me. For every transaction made, a percentage of your withdrawal is charged to your account. At the end of day, you will end up paying more than what you originally withdrew. Hence, draw all the cash you need back home as well as an emergency sum, before you leave town.

Travel smart

                            Including a mix of expensive and cheap locations in your travel plan ensures a good balance for your expenses. Places such as Hyde Park, Kuringai National Park, Queen Victoria Markets, Haigh’s Chocolates, Adelaide and Centennial Park are some of the free places to go! Travelling to a foreign country has never been easier with these money saving tips. Research well and plan well to ensure a fruitful and satisfying holiday – with no pockets burned!

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