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Luna Park in Sydney is known by many as a prime entertainment precinct that has many faces. If you are planning to visit this park, you will discover that this superbly restored park offers a myriad of fun activities to indulge in. For example, you can dine at The Deck for some classy cuisine, catch a concert at the Big Top or even take in priceless sights as you ride on the Ferris Wheel or Tango Train. The park is also a perfect place to throw a kid’s birthday party or even host a dream wedding in the state-of-the-art Crystal Palace.

Historical Facts about Luna Park

  • 1806: James Milson built a house on the site where one of the pylons of northern Harbour Bridge is located today
  • 1893: Completion of railway line that runs through Luna Park
  • 1924-1932: Construction of the Harbour Bridge and its necessary workshops which were demolished after the bridge was finished
  • 1935: Opening of Luna Park with rides that were relocated from another location called Luna Park Glenelg which was a huge success
  • 1997: The Luna Park Site Amendment was passed by the NSW Parliament to open more uses for the park such as theatres and restaurants
  • 2003: Buildings and rides were completely refurbished after a new company took over the forty year lease
  • 2010: Luna Park was listed on the State Heritage Register in February

Operating Hours & Admission Information

Sydney’s Luna Park has varying opening hours. Operations can begin from as early as 10am or 11am and end at timings such as 4pm, 6pm and 10pm. You are advised to use the virtual calendar on their website to confirm the operation hours for a particular date. The park also advises the safety of their guests, and when the weather starts to act up, some attractions and rides will cease operations at short notice.

You can keep track of such updates from their website or via their onsite park administration office hotline at (02) 9922 6644. You are also recommended to purchase your unlimited rides pass online as it is more worthwhile and you can enjoy more savings.

There are height requirements for all the rides, and the tickets are sold and priced accordingly to one’s height. There are $99 annual passes that provide unlimited rides and are valid all year round. Next are passes for unlimited rides that give you unlimited access to rides for a full day only. You can check out the park’s Lunacy Package which is available online as a 2-for-1 unlimited rides pass. However, you can only use them after 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

During the NSW Public Schools Term, you can enjoy a $10 discount off unlimited rides passes if you purchase online. This package is also known as Mini Money Mondays. If you are looking for something that is more value for money, try out their value deal which includes two sideshow games and a meal deal.

How to Get to Luna Park

Getting to the park is very easy, and you can arrive by car, bus, ferry or train. It is located at Milsons Point, under the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are coming by car, you will be delighted to know that the park has its own in-house car park. 389 secure parking spaces are available to all guests during the park’s opening hours. You can enter the car park via Paul Street, which is just off Alfred St South. What’s more you only need to pay $35 for up to four hours of parking.

If you want a picturesque, easy and fast way to get to the park, take the bus! The buses run reliably and regularly, and many bus routes do terminate at Milsons Point which is only a five-minute walk from Luna Park. If you would like to travel by ferry, simply board the Rocket Express from Matilda as it runs direct services to the park.

Top Things to Do at Luna Park

One of the most fulfilling ways to make your time worthwhile at the park is to explore the many rides and attractions it offers. Here are some of the top recommendations to try:

  • Mystery Manor

One of the latest things you can do is to take a tour of the new Mystery Manor where mystery lurks at every corner. This is an all-new attraction that opens during the school holidays in spring. You can expect an interactive walk-through experience with special effects, live actors and animations.

  • The Wild Mouse

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you will surely want to ride on Australia’s favourite roller coaster which is The Wild Mouse. You will experience a full minute of nerve-shredding and pulse-pounding fun as you zip through a 400-metre ride circuit.

  • Coney Island

Coney Island is an old-school funhouse that has been beautifully restored. It includes the Mirror Maze (sure to bring back memories for you to reminisce). The cool thing about this attraction is that it is completely indoors so you never have to worry about bad weather. Be sure to wear enclosed footwear as it is compulsory.

  • The Wonky Walk

If you are wearing hats, you better hold on to it! The walk is renowned for its sudden gusts of air that comes from the gussets of kilted Scotsman and frocked fillies. There are also moveable floors, technicolour jungle vines, shifting dimensions and an assortment of fun traps to escape from!

So what are you waiting for? Come and experience Luna Park’s many rides and attractions! Coming with your family is a great idea too and you are guaranteed an experience second to none!

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