How To Find The Best Corporate Bus Hire In Australia

How To Find The Best Corporate Bus Hire In Australia


If you’re travelling to Australia for business, then why not make things easier on yourself and your employees? By booking a bus hire service. Regardless of the length of your trip or your schedule, a bus hire service can start you off at any of Australia’s airports. In fact, the chauffeurs will greet you at the Arrival Gate, Travellers Information Desk, Luggage Carousel or anywhere else you find it convenient. Learn how you can book the best bus hire service for all your corporate needs while in Australia.

Determine what you need

Before you start searching for a bus hire service, you should first establish how many people are going on the business trip and the locations you will need to arrive at. Armed with this information, you can start checking with various bus charter companies and find out whether they can provide you with a bus that meets your precise requirements. In addition to the number of passengers and necessary stops, you should also mention the date of your arrival and the duration for which you want to book it; providing this information will allow the Australian bus hire services to offer you a more accurate quote.

Check the transportation ratings

Since you travelling to Australia for business, it’s evident that time is a critical factor. To avoid any inconveniences and delays, it is highly advisable to verify the transportation services’ ratings before you make a decision. Ideally, you should book a bus hire service from a company that has been approved by TQUAL, which is the Australian government initiative that guarantees the highest standards for tourism and transportation services. For example, Transport Network Australia is a certified provider.

Create a comparison chart of their services

When you compare various bus hire services that you like, you will have to do more than compare ratings. Perhaps the most difficult task you’ll have to accomplish is weigh the service packages offered against the needs of your group. If you want to make your job easier, then you could create a simple chart with comparable services. The chart will allow you to easily identify the expectations and amenities offered by each company you’re considering working with.

Read as many testimonials and reviews as you can find

Granted, a bus hire service can claim that the company adheres to the highest standards in the industry in corporate transport. Then again, if you want to know what to expect, the best approach is to find a recommendation, a review or a testimonial from a corporate group that has employed their services before you. Testimonials and reviews will not only let you know whether they were satisfied with the services offered, but they can also make recommendations on various transportation packages. Let’s not forget that a reputable bus hire service customarily provides various complete corporate travel packages.

Visit the company, when it’s feasible

In case you’re still not convinced that this is the right bus hire service do to business with, then a personal visit ensures firsthand contact with what you can expect. Obviously, visiting the charter hire company in person is not always possible. Then again, if your schedule allows you to go take a quick tour, then you will find out a plethora of valuable information. From determining whether or not the staff is friendly, polite and amiable to how clean the vehicles appear – even if you’re not going to see the one you want to rent in the fleet at that point – a visit can tell you a lot of things about the bus hire service in question.

Ask the right questions

In case your business trip entails numerous stops and going from one location to the other, then you should prepare a list of questions regarding the pre, during and post service offered. If you’re not familiar with what your bus hire contract entails while on the road, then you can expect numerous of inconveniences. Some of the most critical aspects you should clarify regarding your hire contract include:

  • Does the quote include parking and tolls?
  • How will a bus breakdown be handled?
  • Can you inspect the bus before booking it?
  • Who is responsible for the chauffer’s accommodations and meals?
  • How much will they charge in case you exceed the pre-established mileage?

Scrutinize the history and experience of the corporate bus provider

More often than not, it is best to work with a company that has plenty of experience in corporate bus hire services. Without denying that a relatively new company can provide equally satisfactory transportation services, one that has been in the business longer usually has the advantage of an extensive driving record. In addition to the company’s history, a bus hire service that has been in the niche for years is bound to adhere to the high standards of transportation and hire experienced and highly trained chauffeurs.

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