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A holiday in Australia tends to be a once in lifetime experience and as such these holidays often appeal to extended families or larger groups of friends more so than you would maybe find elsewhere. Australia is also a popular destination for students who are taking a year out from their studies so often groups of friends and students travel together. So if you are travelling to Australia as part of a group what are the things that you need to take into consideration prior to booking your holiday of a lifetime.

How long are you intending to stay?

It may sound like an obvious one but is something that is often over looked. If you are only visiting Australia for two weeks you will not want to spend all of your time travelling – especially if you have had a long flight from Europe for example. However, if you have travelled all the way to Australia you will want to see as much of the country as you possibly can but it is wise to make a list and lay out your priorities.

How many people are travelling?

If you are travelling as a group of for four for example you will have far more flexibility than if you are travelling in a group of say 15. The larger the group the more planning will need to be involved. You don’t need to be altogether 24/7 but this is a holiday that you have all agree upon so no doubt you will be spending the majority of your time together. Find out what everyone wants to do, talk openly and compromise. Different people will want to do different things so plan accordingly.

What are your interests?

You may have a particular interest such as sport, nature or city breaks. Whatever your main interests are you should focus your holiday around this to get the most out of it – but don’t dismiss other things. As you are travelling as a group the old phrase ‘birds of a feather, stick together” will probably apply so hopefully you all have similar interests.

Are you staying in one destination?

Ok you want to see all of the country but is that really practical? There may be a specific reason that you are going on a group holiday to Australia such as for a friend’s wedding or to meet relatives. If this is the case there is probably a greater chance of you staying in one location. If it is for practical reasons such as lack of time, unwillingness to travel or reasons why you can’t travel then you may wish to consider which destination would be best for you. City breaks suit some people more than others whilst others prefer beach holidays. Again discuss everything with your group and come to a sensible agreement.

Do you have any special requirements?

You may need to take into account someone mobility and health so make sure you think ahead rather end up with any nasty surprises once you arrive in Australia. This ties is with the point above really and the restrictions that may mean that you choose to stay in just one location. Also, you may need to ensure that the hotel or hotels that you stay in have lifts, have walk in showers rather than showers in bathtubs and other such considerations. Although they may seem trivial they will potentially have a big impact on the quality of your holiday in Australia. Don’t leave things to chance and don’t be frightened to ask the questions that you want answers to.


This is an obvious one but you need to be fully aware of your budget before you travel. We would all like the break to be longer, visit more places, staying the top hotels and eat at the best restaurants but all of these things cost money. Remember people in your group may have got differing budgets so this again needs to be taken into consideration. You don’t want to be leaving anyone out nor do you want to be causing them financial hardship when they return home. Be sensible and realistic about what you and the rest of your group need can afford.

Do I need to consider anything else?

Other things that you need to consider includes having the appropriate travel insurance that will cover you in times of emergency. This should include adequate health cover as well as cover for all of your belongings. A reputable insurance broker will be able to assist you with this. Another thing that you may wish to take into account is the climate. Everyone has an impression that Australia is warm and sunny but the winter month can be a little on the cool side. Also, temperatures may vary within Australia itself if you are going to multiple destinations so take appropriate clothing.

Making the booking

Ok, you have decided exactly what you are looking and you are now left to just book your trip. This can be done online using one the many operators who specialise in group holidays or you could make the bookings yourself. If you are unfamiliar with Australia, group bookings through a tour operator is probably your best option.

Finally, enjoy your holiday of a lifetime!

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