Explore Newcastle

Explore Newcastle


Newcastle, the second largest city in New South Wales (NSW) is 162 km NNE of Sydney and is home to Australia’s first export, coal.  Newcastle has a rough history as being a punishment place for convicts that committed heinous crimes.  Today it is a thriving metropolis and is home to just over half a million residents.  An active city on the coast and surrounded by wine country, Newcastle is rich in history and there are many unique things to see and do when you visit here.


Glen Rock Conservation Area

Only ten minutes from Newcastle’s CBD the Glen Rock Conservation area protects the last little bit of coastal rainforest in the region.  There are gorgeous waterfalls, a sparkling lagoon adorable animals to watch, like gliders, and bandicoots.  Learn about native aboriginals that inhabited the area for thousands of years prior to European settlement.


Surf Newcastle

Australia is known worldwide as having some of the best waves to surf in the world.  Surfing Newcastle or newy is no exception.  Newy offers waves for all skill levels, be sure and watch the swell it can get gnarly huge especially near Shark Alley.  Summer time is chill and great for beginners and winter time brings to pros out to play.


Fort Scratchley - Historic site

Overlooking Nobby Beach and lighthouse you will find Fort Scratchley.  Enjoy sweeping views of this beautiful seascape and learn about Australia’s first coal mine.  Seams of coal were discovered in 1800 and mining commenced immediately by convicts in the area.


Bogey Hole

The first swimming pool built in the ocean in Australia in 1819 by convicts is now called Bogey Hole.  Bogey Hole is popular with locals and tourists as a swimming hole perfect for enjoying the coastline of Newcastle.  Bogey Hole is heritage protected and has been its current size since 1884.


Convict Lumber Yard

From 1989 to 1992 the Convict Lumber Yard became the site of a major archaeological dig.  Artifacts were turned up from hundreds to thousands of years old.  Before convicts were sentenced to work the lumber yard Aboriginals had used it for centuries.  Right in the heart of the city the Convict Lumber Yard is a must see activity for anyone that enjoys history.


Hang GlidingHang Gliding

Take to the skies with your very own set of wings and see Newcastle from the air.  Explore the coast or travel inland.  Beginners are welcome to take tandem flights and courses are available to learn how to hang glide on your own.  Experience free flight just as the birds do.



Tree Top Adventure Park

For adventurers as young as three years old take to the tree tops, traverse rope bridges, fly with the foxes, swing from a trapeze, and get your Tarzan on.  Tree Top Adventure Park is an exciting challenge for all ages.


Newcastle is full of activities for the outdoor enthusiast.  Fly through the air, swing from the trees, and surf some of the greatest waves Australia has to offer.  Explore ancient forts, and swimming pools carved out of the ocean built by convicts.  Newcastle is an exciting city rich in history and teeming with activities.

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