A Basic Geographical Guide For Travellers To Australia

A Basic Geographical Guide For Travellers To Australia


If the following keywords such as desert, beach, and outback trigger a sense of keen interest within you, you would have guessed that this is an article about Australia. Australia is also known as a highly urbanized country, as well as enjoying the perks of having 21st century cosmopolitan attractions in its cities such as Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

If you are a group travelling around Australia make sure that you choose your transport carefully and only use approved providers. For example Transport Network Australia are approved by the Australian Tourism Authority and have to abide by strict rules in order to keep this accreditation. Australia is a great place to explore and have fun but it’s important to be safe.

If you compare each country by the size of their land area, Australia comes up 6th in the list. The highly urbanized areas are mostly situated in the eastern and south-eastern regions of Australia. Hence, areas that are not populated, developed or deforested for agricultural purposes, stay intact as an extensive network of National Parks. Here is a look at 6 of Australia’s geographical regions, as well as the popular cities of each region:


There are beaches in the eastern regions, absolute wilderness in the south and there sits the Cradle Mountain to its western regions. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania (TAS) as it is heavily populated there. For individuals who are interested in the arts, Tasmania is also home to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

Northern Territory

Northern Territory (NT) is strikingly beautiful in a sense that it is in close proximity to the tropical city, Darwin, as well as the red deserts that surround Alice Springs. Accessibility to NT is relatively easy too. Darwin is NT’s capital city and is a gateway to their culture and history.


Although Victoria (VIC) is compact, the sheer vibrancy of its beaches along its central coast is enough to show no signs of inferiority to Australia’s many regions. Melbourne is the capital city of VIC, where there is an abundance of shopping, fashion, sports and dining amenities.

South Australia

Known for its fine wineries, as well as their interesting wildlife and nature, South Australia (SA) is also home to the ‘Perfect Host City’ of Adelaide City. Adelaide City is a prime location where many festivals are held for the purpose of partying.

Western Australia

Western Australia (WA) is home to various scenic destinations such as Albany and Margaret River. There are mining communities, roadhouses and national parks which makes this location a unique one. The main city of WA is Perth, and it is a popular destination for most tourists too.


If you like sunny and warm weather, Queensland (QLD) offers you the chance to explore its coastal regions (the ever popular Gold Coast), as well as the tropical regions of the Great Barrier Reef. QLD is also home to Brisbane, which is the bustling and lively city that supports Australia by being one of the most popular tourist destinations!

To learn more about Australia and their major cities of each region, the Australia’s Tourism Board can provide in-depth information which you can use to help you get familiarised with all the places of interests. You will be well-equipped with all the necessary knowledge to make your travel plans to Australia an easy one.

If you are travelling from New Zealand to Australia for your vacation, using bus hire NZ services is a convenient choice. All in all, Australia is definitely a great travel destination for both families and friends. Perhaps, a solo backpacking trip is also a viable option, if you feel you are up for a challenge!

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