9 Australia Travel Tips For The Travel Savvy

Before visiting a foreign country, it is a good idea to inform yourself about the local customs and any dangers you might be predisposed to. Knowing everything that you can about the destination you plan to visit will help you to prepare adequately for the trip. Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and this is evident by the large number of visitors who visit the country each year. Whether you are planning to hire a party bus in Australia or travel frugally, in order to have a safe and trouble-free vacation, you need to keep the following tips and tricks in mind.

Think about what you are packing

The perfect vacation begins even before you leave home. What and how you pack can go a long way in determining the type of holiday that you will have. Packing smart will not only allow you to travel conveniently, it will also help to keep your belongings safe. Protect your belongings by carrying minimal luggage pieces. Protecting yourself against loss and theft is essential for a great holiday. Overloading yourself makes you more vulnerable to pickpockets and bag snatchers. Secure your cash and credit cards, passports and other documents in a money belt or hide them under your clothes.

Wear adequate sun protection

The sunlight in Australia can be very strong and before you know it, your skin can be burned at an unhealthy level, causing you serious discomfort and even pain. To avoid this, make sure that you always wear adequate sun protection that includes SPF 30+, a hat and white or light shirts and clothing. Remember to hydrate yourself daily and carry some water with you especially if you are planning to hike. Apply sunscreen regularly if you are going to spend many hours outdoors during your vacation and hopefully your skin will remain healthy and beautiful.

Swim within the area marked by flags all the times

Even if you are an experienced swimmer, it is not a good idea to swim beyond the area that is marked with red and yellow flags. In Australia there are water currents called rips, which can be very dangerous if they catch you while swimming. All beaches in Australia feature lifesavers and they patrol the area during warm months. On the most popular beaches in Australia such as the Bondi Beach, lifesavers can be found all year round. Also, remember not to swim during the night, under the influence of alcohol or after a heavy meal. It is never a good idea to go swimming alone especially a long way offshore.

Beware of crocodiles

There are many of these guys in Australia and you definitely do not want to meet them. Crocodiles are usually found in rivers and coastal estuaries in the northern regions of Australia and if you explore these areas, make sure that you look for signs that indicate crocodile presence. Also, avoid being overly adventurous and do not swim in tidal rivers or mangrove shores where crocodiles can be found. If you are thinking of camping or fishing, always do research on whether there are crocodiles in the area and hopefully you will not be in the news!

Beware of poisonous animals

Australia is renowned for the multitude of poisonous creatures it features. Spiders, snakes and marine stingers are some of the creatures that you should be wary of. However, this is not a reason not to visit this fabulous country especially as bites are actually very rare. Marine stingers are present in tropical waters at the beginning of November until the end of April and as long as you swim in stinger-resistant enclosures then you will be fine.

Also, remember to have protective footwear all the time when you are bushwalking or hiking if you do not want to be bitten by spiders, snakes or other insects. Luckily, in Australia there are antidotes for most snake and spider bites and the mortality rate caused by poisonous animals is very low.

Keep safe when exploring Australia’s remote areas

Australia has many remote locations that are worth visiting. The country has incredible natural beauty from the rainforests and outback to Uluru and other breathtaking locations. If you decide to drive to the different locations, make sure that you use a 4WD vehicle and get a good GPS system. This is especially important when travelling with your loved ones to the rugged and remote areas of Australia. When preparing for the trip, remember to pack plenty of drinking water, extra food and fuel. Obtain a good map and carry it with you all the time in case the GPS system decides to let you down.

Be careful about bushfires

It is a well-known fact that Australians live with the risk of encountering bushfires. There are locations that are more prone to the fires than others and the danger period is late spring to summer. If you travel to the country during this time, it is very important to observe simple fire safety precautions. Before you set out on a journey, make sure that you get information about bushfire risks. You can listen to radio, TV and read newspapers reports. When camping, always use the designated fireplaces and make sure that you comply with total fire bans and road warning signs.

Be smart when planning a bushwalk or hiking in the wilderness

If you are planning a hike or bushwalk, make sure that you check the distance and difficulty of the terrain before you leave. It is a good idea to use a local guide for any challenging or long walks. If you decide to walk without a guide, make sure that you tell someone where you are planning to go and when you hope to return. Remember to wear protective footwear, sunscreen, a hat and insect repellent. Carry wet weather gear, plenty of drinking water and a topographic map. During the walk, read signs and maps and always stay on the track, away from the cliff edges and behind safety barriers.

Always ensure your personal security

Australia is a country with a very stable political system and on average, it has a low crime rate. This means that Australians enjoy a relatively safe lifestyle. This is a safe destination to visit with travellers enjoying safe and unhindered travel experiences. When it comes to personal safety and security, most people will agree that the country is a great place to visit. However, there are always exceptions and as with all locations, you should always observe precautions when travelling. Always think about your personal safety and the safety of your possessions, my friends!






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