7 Most Famous Attractions To Visit In Australia

7 Most Famous Attractions To Visit In Australia


There are many attractions in Australia that one can visit, whether they are on a business trip or on an annual vacation. It is an ideal time for expats and tourists to soak up some of the Australian culture. Visitors from a foreign country can often experience Australia’s vast network of nature, wildlife, the urbanized cities and any monuments that have cultural or historical value. Read on to find out the 7 most famous attractions to visit in Australia!


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is one of Australia’s greatest outback icons; it was even listed in the World Heritage List in 1987 for its natural significance. The park’s name simply means ‘Meeting Place’, and this is where Aboriginal Dreaming tracks and song lines cross path. You will also encounter beautiful rock formations lying around. The Anangu people (the rocks’ owners) believe that these rocks are too sacred to climb and urge tourists not to do so.

Port Arthur Historic Sites

If you wish to expand your knowledge or have a keen interest in history matters, Port Arthur is the right place you to be in. Upon stepping foot onto this location, you will be greeted by rolling green meadows which lead to the turquoise waters of Mason Cove. Visit the stone buildings which were once the settlement for Australia’s fiercest prison which housed many chain gangs! Don’t forget to participate in Port Arthur Nightly Ghost Tours.

Sydney’s Opera House

The enormous white sails of the opera house are hard to miss and this is one of the places you can’t miss when you come to Australia. It is also easily one of the world’s most recognisable buildings, as well as a cultural space for the arts. If you get hungry, there are quite a number of eateries running along the Finger Wharf.

Bondi Beach

Many choose to surf the turquoise waves at Bondi Beach, and if you don’t feel like surfing, you can take a relaxing stroll on its golden sands. There is so much more that you can do at this iconic attraction in Sydney! There are fine dining options, diverse shopping amenities and impressive coastal walks. The beach also boasts of its vibrant nightlife once the sun sets!

Fraser Island Australia

Fraser Island is a place where you can see uninterrupted beaches that are accompanied by the sights of coloured sand cliffs. Fresh water lakes are abundant on this island, and they come in different colours! From the usual blue waters, you may even encounter some that are tea-coloured! If you feel like fishing, you can head on down to their famous 75-Five Mile Beach.

12 Apostles – Port Campbell

Bring your family down for a day of endless fun! You get to enjoy yourselves in their nature theme park, with activities such as navigating to discover hidden treasure, hunt for the roaring wind, learn history by reading rocks and try uncovering the secrets of their southern landscapes. Before beginning your adventure, remember to drop by the Visitor Information Centre to loan a pair of binoculars. Use to them to spot returning penguins after sunset!

Taronga Zoo

The zoo is a run by a non-profit organisation and they are active in the wildlife conservation scene. If you are going to the zoo in Sydney, it is only 12 minutes away by ferry. Spend time with your family by engaging yourselves in animal encounter activities, as well as watching animal shows for your entertainment!

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