5 Things You Can Only Do In Australia

5 Things You Can Only Do In Australia


View - and eat - Kangaroo


Continuing the unusual two legged meal theme is the animal that all visitors to Australia expect to see: The noble and goofy kangaroo. But did you know that roos are so plentiful in the outback that you can buy their meat at the grocery? OK, so technically you can get kangaroo meat outside of Australia, but where was the last place you saw giant bipedal hopping meat, eh? Known for its high protein to fat ratio, and being examined for one of its constituent chemicals’ ability to fight obesity, kangaroo meat is something every non vegetarian should try once in their life.


Eat In A Horse drawn Restaurant


Thanks to her geographic isolation and unique climatological conditions Australia is home to many one of a kind species that could not survive anywhere else on Earth. One such beautiful, mysterious creature is the eight-legged, two-headed, four-couple-seating horse drawn restaurant. A luxuriously appointed carriage designed to seat and feed eight lucky guests on a tour through its home town of Windsor, Clydesdale’s restaurant serves gourmet meals cooked up by local restaurants. You didn’t think there was an emu drawn kitchen car, did you?



Be Mad Max (kinda sorta…)


Mad Max was not only about the Australian apocalypse it was actually filmed in Australia. And the Silverton Hotel where Max made his pitstop is still available for you to make a pitstop in as well. Not only that but evidently many of the locals kept memorabilia from the filming of that famous film as well as from some of the scores of other movies that were shot in the location. Get your black leather jacket and have your picture taken by a replica of Max’s black Interceptor. Then visit the old jail… and probably leave. Silverton doesn’t have much besides those two attractions, but if you’re in Australia you’re likely there to see some wide open spaces.


Avoid Being Killed By The World’s Most Dangerous Animals


Australia is home to more of the world’s most poisonous animals than any other continent. The most poisonous marine animal (box jellyfish) the most venomous snake (the Taipan) and a whole host of deadly spiders. Let’s of course not forget that Australia’s beautiful, pristine beaches are home to the freaking great white shark. But you want to know something great? Very few people get hurt or even die from any of these terrifying creatures. More people are killed by cows than by sharks, and I’ve never seen a great white cow. When you return home from Australia and gather round the bar with your buddies you can tell them you faced down the worlds most dangerous animals… and survived.

See The Flatback Turtle Enter The World


There’s only one place on Earth the flatback turtle lays its eggs. Naturally that means there is only one place those eggs hatch. That place - you guessed it - is the Australian coast. The turtles swim in from the sea for one reason and one reason alone: To lay eggs. That means that the males never venture back onto shore, ever, and all the turtles you’ll find laboriously crawling up the sand are there to plant some future turtles. This happens mainly between November and December and the hatching begins in January, peaking in February. This is a major event. The flatback turtle young do not have a high survival rate. Only one percent, it is estimated, manage to become adults. Those that do survive to adulthood, thankfully, have very few predators. It’s nice to be armored, especially when you can swim at thirty kilometers per hour. So under the light of the coastal Australian moon is the only place in the world you can watch 99 unlucky and 1 very lucky little prehistoric miniature meat tanks make their infantile, floppy way to the sea. If that doesn’t embody the uniqueness that Australia is known for, I don’t know what does.


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