14 Interesting Facts About Australia That You Might Not Know

When Australia is mentioned, most people think about Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Bondi Beach, koalas, and kangaroos. Although these are the most recognisable symbols of the Land Down Under, Australia has much more to offer to all its visitors. To help you discover hidden nuggets about Australia, here are 14 interesting facts that you probably do not know yet and will certainly leave you amazed:

The largest population of obese people can be found in Australia

I bet you did not see this one coming, did you? Although this country really loves sports of all kinds, almost 25 percent of Aussies are obese. Unsurprisingly, the Australians love fine dining and cooking shows on TV, especially after the success of MasterChef Australia.

In Australia, over 200 languages and dialects are spoken

A multitude of languages are spoken in this country, English being the most important one. For example, citizens of this country speak Italian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Greek as well as 45 indigenous languages and many other dialects. Today, the society is a celebration of tolerance and diversity that celebrates all racial differences, ethnic backgrounds and political viewpoints.

Kangaroo meat is considered a delicacy

You can purchase and eat kangaroo meat in Australia and it is considered to be a very healthy dish. The kangaroo meat can be bought from supermarkets and butchers and it is actually a healthier alternative to lamb and beef because it only contains about 1 or 2 percent fat. Additionally, kangaroo meat can be served in restaurants by professional Australian chefs.

Australia features exotic fauna and flora

There is a good reason why nature lovers like to visit Australia. The country is special and very attractive because it features unique flora and fauna which is not seen elsewhere in the world. In fact, most fauna and flora found in Australia are unique so you should certainly travel here to discover them.

Australian adults enjoy gambling

Apparently, Australians really love to gamble. In this country, tourists can find more than 20 percent of all the slot machines in the world because apparently, most of the Australian adults love to gamble. In fact, over 80 percent of Australians can be found in front of a slot machine during their spare time.

Almost 1.4 trillion bottles of wine are produced in this country

That would actually mean approximately 1400 billion bottles of wine! Australia is not only renowned because it produces massive amounts of bottled wine, but because of the diversity of the wines too. In fact, tourists are encouraged to visit this country especially if they are wine lovers as there are so many types of wine to sample when you go on one of the popular Australian wine tours around the country.

Australian football was invented in Sydney and became popular in Victoria

Australian football is a game that locals and visitors to the country enjoy. It is believed that the rules for this sport were inspired by Mangrook, an Aboriginal game. Australian Football is very popular in this country and tourists will definitely love to attend such a match and even learn how to play.

You can see the very rare lung fish in Australia

Have you ever seen a lung fish? Well, you have to be in Australia to ever see it! The lung fish is a living fossil that can only be seen in Australia these days. This strange looking fish belongs to the Triassic period, which took place more than 350 million years ago. There are other creatures that are unique to this region.

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world

This country or continent stretches over an enormous portion of land that is estimated to be larger than 7.6 million sq. km. Obviously, there are many places to explore and see in this vast continent and this makes it another good reason to visit this country! Australia is the world’s biggest island while also being the smallest continent. Many travellers spend several weeks or longer to explore the country.

Australia has many features that make it unique

Australia is the earth’s driest inhabited continent and it is also the lowest continent in the world at an average of 330 metres. This is also the only continent worldwide without an active volcano, something that many locals consider a real blessing. The country has 16 World Heritage listings for sites that include natural landscapes, cities and historic townships.

The Aboriginal people have been around for centuries

It is believed that Aboriginals have been in Australia for anywhere between 40,000 and 70,000 years. According to some estimates, there were about 300,000 Aboriginal inhabitants at the onset of the British settlement. The Aboriginal people originally spoke around 250 languages. The ‘Dream Time’ acts as the foundation for centuries of spiritual aboriginal traditions, myths, art, legends and culture.

Most of Australia consists of vegetation

Vegetation on this continent covers about 7 million sq. km. This is about 91 percent of Australia, making it one of the greenest countries anywhere. This also means that most of the population is concentrated around the cities. About 80percent of the population lives within 100 kilometres of the Australian coast, making most people urban coast dwellers.

There’s a large Greek population in Australia

Most people do not realize that the largest Greek population outside of Athens Greece can be found in Melbourne Victoria. The country has the biggest numbers of migrant settlers for any developed nation. At least 25% Australians were born elsewhere before migrating to the country. The country is very multicultural with migrants from over 200 countries.

Australia has one of the largest ocean territories in the world

Australia has the third largest ocean territory in the world, covering over 12 million square kilometres and spanning three oceans. This nation-continent has over 20 million people worldwide. Most Australians rightly believe that the country has a strong identity and culture that is characterised by sports, honesty, being down to earth, multiculturalism and mateship.

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